If your WhatsApp has been hacked, you are not alone. 500 million accounts have been leaked.


During the last few weeks, many WhatsApp users have seen how their account has been hacked, how someone has managed to gain control of the application, canceling our access and allowing the hacker to have access to our contacts.

For that to happen, the attacker has to know your email number, since he will try to install WhatsApp with it. At the moment he asks for the SMS code, he will contact you in some way so that you end up giving it to him, something like:

– Hello dad, it’s me, from Martina’s mobile. The battery of my mobile has run out and I need a code to finish a payment here, I have told them to send it to you. Have you received it? give it to me?

Logically, not even that “it’s me” makes sense, nor are they talking from the mobile of this “Martina”.

Very few people fall into this trap, but if one falls, the ball begins to roll, since the hacker will impersonate you to scam your contacts with similar phrases, and this time he will not do it from an unknown number, he will with your account.

The fact is that for all this to work, it is necessary for the hacker to have your name and your phone number, and that is becoming easier.

Right now, 487 million phone numbers and WhatsApp data, stolen this year, with real users, have been put up for sale, according to cybernews.com.

WhatsApp has not officially confirmed it, but it will not take long to do so.

It is not the first time that Meta, owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has suffered a problem of this type. Not long ago, the data of more than 500 million people was stolen from Facebook, so if we add up the different data thefts from different platforms in recent years, the probability that one or more hackers have your personal data is very high.

Recommendation: be wary of everything, emails, text messages, messages… when in doubt, make a phone call and listen to their voice, it is more difficult for someone to deceive with your voice (although it is not impossible).

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