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If your mobile disconnects from WiFi all the time it is because you have not tried this

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Although today most of us have data rates with many gigabytes to spend, there is nothing like what our WiFi network offers us. Thanks to this we will obtain a much more stable and faster connection with our smartphone, and of course, without spending any of our data rate. The problem can come if our device continually disconnects from the network, something that can become a nuisance. If that’s your case, we give you some tips to solve it.

These tips are really simple, but at the same time they are also very useful. Most of the failures that occur in WiFi connectivity are due to problems in the configuration of both the router and the smartphone, so it will not cost us too much to solve them.

Forget and reconnect to your WiFi network

This is one of the solutions that you will see most frequently to solve problems with the WiFi of your mobile device. It simply consists of removing the configuration of your home WiFi network from your device and reconfiguring it, something that would be the same as a reset on a computer.

Doing it is very simple, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Go to Settings on your smartphone
  • Look for an option Networks or Connections
  • Inside, select WiFi
  • Choose your usual network and click on it
  • Click on Forget

Once this is done, your network will no longer appear in this tab, but it will appear in the available networks. You will only have to return to give e enter the password you have set for your WiFi network.

Delete old or other networks

Another fairly common failure that can occur is due to the presence of other Wi-Fi or other networks that are within range of your usual network. Your smartphone will always try to connect to the closest network with the best signalwhich can cause us to connect to networks that do not work properly.

In these cases, the best we can do is delete all those networks to which we do not connect, leaving only the ones that do. To do this, we will only have to follow the same steps of the previous advice to forget them all.

Do not move too far from your WiFi router

The signal of the WiFi network in our house is not unlimited, and obviously It will not reach all the corners of our house the same (especially if we have a large one). The signal from this will weaken as we move away from our router, so this could perfectly be the problem.

The solution to this problem goes through two paths. The first of these is to choose the band that best suits us, whether it is 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. Normally, we usually take the 5 GHz band because it offers greater stability and speed, but this one has a more limited scope than the other.

The 2.4 GHz band is slower, but has a longer range.

Another solution that we can use if our problem is this is to acquire WiFi network extenders. For this, one of the best solutions on the market are the so-called mesh or mesh networkwhich will allow us to easily take the signal to every corner of our house.

Update the software of both devices

If we have not updated our router or our smartphone for a long time, it can also happen that the failures are due to software incompatibility issues Between both. It is important that we keep all our devices up to date, since software incompatibilities are more frequent than it seems.

To update our router we must go to the access through the address and enter our credentials to access its configuration (by default they are under the router on a sticker). Here we will find a section that will be for update router firmware, which is almost always found at the end of the available options. On our smartphone we will only have to go to configuration and search within the section to update the software.

Turn off auto switch to mobile data

Smartphones have an option activated generally by default that switch from WiFi to data connection automatically so that we do not run out of signal in case the WiFi works slow. This usually works fine, but it can also be the problem why you constantly experience disconnections from your WiFi.

Disabling it is very easy and can make your WiFi problems go away. For it:

  • Access configuration
  • Inside look for the networks or connections section
  • Access Wi-Fi
  • In the options of this, look for Switch to mobile data and disable it

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