If your Gmail notifications are a bit late, try this to fix it

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1678276370 644070 1678276431 rrss normal.jpg

It is possible that on your Android terminal the notifications that come to you from Gmail do not work in the best possible way. This is usually due to a delay in receiving them and it may even happen that they are not seen on the lock screen. There is a trick that you can do so that this is solved and, therefore, everything returns to the usual normality in the Google mail client. You can inadvertently change the default settings in Gmail, and this means that its operation is not as expected. Consequently, it is this section that must be used in the first place to check if everything is as it should. The process is quite simple, and allows you to review the application’s own options -and even those that Android has for development-. Therefore, everything is centralized so that you do not have to go around a lot to solve what is happening to you. Solve problems with notifications in Gmail We leave you all the steps you must take to establish the default configuration parameters in Gmail and, as a result, that its operation is the basic one (which is what everyone usually uses). There is nothing dangerous in doing this both for the application and for the messages you have in your inbox. Do the following: Open the application in the usual way, for example, by pressing its icon in the list of apps, and once you are on the main screen, click on the menu (it is an option that is in the upper left with three lines Horizontal). In the drop-down menu that appears, select Settings and look for the Notifications section. Click on the first option and you will see a window in which you must choose All so that the corresponding notification appears with each email (this also speeds up receiving data from the server). Next, use Manage Notifications. You enter a screen in which you must check that you have selected the Default option and disabled the Show on Screen option. You can also choose to Show all the content of the notifications by pressing on the lock screen. With this, the operation of Gmail has to be the same as always and, therefore, perfect. You have finished. Obviously, if the changes you have made in Gmail do not convince you, you can restore the options that you had chosen before by performing the same steps, but modifying the Settings parameters. >

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