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If your Chromecast sounds very low, this is what you have to do to fix it

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Undoubtedly one of the functions that has led to the players Chromecast Google to be a success in the market is the ability to send content directly and wirelessly from smartphones to televisions. And, in addition, this is achieved in a simple way and with a fairly high quality. Without a doubt, a great success on the part of the Mountain View company.

Besides, there is something that is relevant in this accessory: the error rate that occurs with these products is quite low, so the trust of the users is inversely proportional. But this does not mean that from time to time there is not a problem that has to do with connectivity and, also, with sound. The latter is the most common, and what usually happens is that the volume is surprisingly low. Well, there is a possibility to provide a solution for any version of the player and even those that are integrated into televisions -and it is not compulsively pressing the corresponding button on the remote control-. We tell you what it is about.

The solution you need for the Google Chromecast

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The tool that will allow you to correct what is happening is an application, believe it or not. This is Google Home, which is the one developed to manage everything that has to do with the connected technological accessories that the North American company has on the market (and that, in one way or another, make use of operating systems developed by it). There is a version for iOS and Android, and the download can be done in the official stores without having to pay anything for it.


Everything is very easy to do

Once you have installed the development and connected the player, the next thing is to check the Chromecast among the detected devices. This is done automatically, so you won’t have to do anything complex. Once you click on the section in question, you enter a screen in which there are all available options for the product. And, surprise, one of them is manage volume. Yes, the device can be configured in this section directly from the smartphone or tablet. And best of all, the results are quite effective.

The item in question is a wheel that moves through the use of the touch screen, and the truth is that it is very helpful. Therefore, before putting the speakers of the TV to the maximum (which generally couple a lot), try with this option that it is more than possible that solutions that the series you watch or the video you play of those you have recorded sound a lot lower than you expected.

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