If you wanted to buy Apple’s smart glasses, know that the stock will be minimal

If you wanted to buy Apple's smart glasses, know that the stock will be minimal
if you wanted to buy apple's smart glasses, know that

One of the most anticipated gadgets are the Apple smart glasses. We know that the manufacturer of the bitten apple will finally present them taking advantage of the WWDC 23 framework that will give its particular starting signal in a few weeks.

We also know that the Apple Glass will not be exactly cheap, since it will have a starting price of $2,999. But, the million dollar question was how many units would be available. A limited first run was expected, and now we have more data.

Mainly because TrendForce, an analysis agency, has reported that everything indicates that the number of smart glasses will be much more limited. This way, Only a total of 100,000 units will go on sale.

Apple’s smart glasses won’t leave the United States

According to the TrendForce report, Apple’s smart glasses have a very high manufacturing cost, in addition to a great technical difficulty when manufacturing it, so “they will restrict sales predominantly to pre-orders for this year.” In this way, Apple makes sure to avoid overstock problems of a very expensive product that needs to have a quick release on the market.

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The truth is that they look very good, so They are surely the new success of the company despite its high pricebut the Cupertino-based company wants to get healthy and avoid a sales flop that makes them lose money.

The problem with this is that, considering that Apple will not manufacture more than 100,000 units of its expected virtual and augmented reality headset in 2023and it is expected that by 2024 it will not exceed 200,000 manufactured units, everything points to a national launch.

In this way, yesSurely Apple will launch its smart glasses in the United States throughout 2023, mthrough a reservation system. And depending on the success it has, in 2024 it will already expand production to launch these glasses in other markets.

Now the million dollar question is When could these smart glasses arrive in Spain? And we already anticipate that we do not believe that it is precisely soon. The sales of the bitten apple firm in our country are not exactly high, so it is surely not a priority market.

In this way, we can expect that until 2025, date on which the manufacturer will launch its second generation of smart glasses, we will have to wait to be able to buy the Apple Glass from Spain.