If you want to try the new YouTube features before anyone else, you will have to pay

Google is one of the companies that has a good habit of offering its users early access to some of the new functions that it prepares in many of its services. Maps, Gmail, documents, photos, and of course YouTube all have specific pages in which it is possible to sign up to start these test processes. But in the case of the video platform, those from Mountain View have decided to change a momentous detail.

Until now, being part of those tests was as simple as access the page they have to test the “experimental features”, join the program and start to see how they go. Unfortunately, in the last few hours the conditions to participate have changed and users who do not have a paid subscription are automatically excluded. So much so that in the case of having a free account, the button to become Premium will appear.

Access page to new functions, only for Premium users. Google

The sign that indicates that everything has changed can be found at the top of the screen that we put above, where it is specified that this page is now for the exclusive use of users with an active YouTube subscription, those who do not see ads in the videos and who can access the entire catalog of originals on the platform (which are fewer and fewer). In addition, that fee gives access to the millions of songs on YouTube Music.

What news do we have now?

It is evident that it is one more step for YouTube in the differentiation of some users and others, in such a way that these betas are now only available to those who have payment accounts. Be that as it may, If you were a fan of these news on the platform, the web invites you to be part of the Premium family with a button that takes you to the page of the plans and prices that they have available and that, as we have told you on other occasions, there are three: 11.99 euros for unique users, 17.99 for family plans (up to six accounts) and 6.99 for students.

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Right now, YouTube has three functionalities active to test on our smartphones or on the web. On the one hand what he calls as “display on the home screen”, which is only on iOS and allows us to have the audio and playback controls in view in videos that appear on search pages; the second is called “voice search on the Web” and that we can only use through Chrome; and finally there is the filter “by themes in other languages”, which lets us choose between different search criteria, personalized, both in Spanish, French and Portuguese.