If you want to buy cheaper Apple Vision Pro, you will have to wait a few years

If you want to buy cheaper Apple Vision Pro, you will have to wait a few years
if you want to buy cheaper apple vision pro, you

We are still hungover after WWDC 23, Apple’s largest developer conference and where we were able to see a barrage of news, highlighting the manufacturer’s long-awaited augmented and virtual reality glasses. Yeah, the Apple Vision Pro they are already a reality.

The problem is that its starting price is very high, $3,499 if you want to get hold of this curious gadget. And, although it is true that it has all kinds of functions, if we add the additional cost of some additional lenses if you have visual problems such as myopia, things already skyrocket.

Luckily, we have been hearing rumors for some time that these Apple glasses are the first model, and that the company intends to launch several cheaper versions of the Vision Pro. And it seems to be true, but we will have to wait a few years.

The cheap Apple Vision Pro will arrive in 2025

This is what emerges from the latest article published by Mark Gurmann, a journalist specialized in everything related to Apple, and who has once again published very interesting information in his column in Bloomberg.

In this way, the acclaimed journalist reiterates that Apple is working on cheaper smart glasses, to release various versions of the Apple Vision Pro in the future. The problem is that the company does not want to reduce quality, so today it is unfeasible.

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external screenknown as EyeSight, to display the user’s eyes, as well as the eye and hand tracking system, they are as fundamental to Apple Vision as a touch screen is to an iPhone. I’d wait for a cheaper model to maintain those features,” Gurman said, making it clear why the cheap Apple Vision Pro will be a long time coming.

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In case you don’t know, the firm of the bitten apple opted for micro OLED technology from Sony for the Apple Vision Pro lenses. High-quality 4K panels that have a very high manufacturing price, which affects their final cost.

And Apple considers this essential element for any virtual reality helmet of the brand, so it prefers to wait for the technology to become cheaper and improve the production process to be able to launch a cheap version of the Apple Vision Pro on the market. So, a lot We fear that until 2025 there will be no new economic generation…