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If you use an iPhone, don’t miss the new YouTube widget

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Google has been improving the widgets of its star applications for some time to improve their usefulness. And now it’s youtube’s turn, so if you have an iphone, know that the improvements in this element are remarkable. YouTube is one of the most used platforms worldwide and Google knows it. For this reason, the Mountain View-based giant does not stop updating its service with new features to improve the user experience. For example, last August podcasts arrived on Google’s streaming video platform. And now, the folks at 9to5google show us how the new YouTube widget for iPhone will work. Don’t hesitate to try the new YouTube widget for iOS In this way, the YouTube widget finally arrives on the home screen of the iPhone and iPad so that you always have this app at hand. Also, as you may well know, there are several size options when creating a widget. And the one that measures 4X2 has some additional functions that make the difference. Under the name “Quick Actions”, and which is advertised as the fastest way to navigate YouTube. For example, this widget for iOS has an option called “Search YouTube” located at the top and that allows you to access the search menu of the video platform and with the keyboard open. In addition, there is a microphone icon if you prefer to search by voice. Continuing with the news that the best YouTube widget for iPhone brings, say that there are several options called “Home” “Shorts” and “Subscriptions”. As you can imagine, through these elements you will be able to access the start menu, the YouTube Shorts section, in addition to subscriptions. As you may have seen, the improvements that this new YouTube widget brings to iOS and iPad are very interesting, so we recommend you try them on your phone or tablet as they are very worthwhile. The steps to follow are very simple, so it won’t take more than a few seconds to add a widget to your phone. From the home screen, press and hold on an empty area until you see the apps begin to move. Within the available options, you must click on the Add button located at the top left. Select the YouTube widget and choose the size that interests you the most. Click OK. Finally, we invite you to go through our tutorial where we explain step by step how to add smart widgets on the iPhone so you can get more out of your phone than ever. >

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