If you tip ChatGPT, you’ll get better responses

if you tip chatgpt youll get better responses.jpg
if you tip chatgpt youll get better responses.jpg

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In many jobs, if you tip, you get better service. What if the same thing worked when it comes to asking AI for things? It sounds totally crazy, but a user has tried it and shown that yes, it ChatGPT likes tips virtual.

It started as a joke by an X user and has ended up becoming a curious discovery that, until now, no one had considered. At the same time, it also shows us that, as we have said on other occasions, ChatGPT still there is much more to discover than we can imagine.

Tip if you answer better

First it was Theia Vogel who tried the ChatGPT tip prank and found that the AI ​​gave her longer responses than when it didn’t offer her a little extra money for her pretty face. Then another user, Abram Jackson, commented that she had tried it and that he really noticed an increase in performance and the quality of artificial intelligence responses.

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So Vogel went back to the concept and got to work continuing with the initial idea to see what he could uncover and what ChatGPT was hiding. To do this, he designed a test in which he would ask the same questions to the AI. with different rewards to see how he responded in each case. The results have been most illuminating.

Experimenting with AI

Vogel says that he designed three phrases with which he would repeat the same requests over several rounds and thus see if everything had been the result of chance or if the AI ​​really takes receiving a tip seriously. The first sentence was simply “By the way, I don’t tip.” In the second of them he said the following: “I will give you a tip of 20 dollars.” And in the third option he told her “I’ll give you a tip of 200 dollars.” The results you can see them in the graph that he published on his profile.

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so a couple days ago I made a shitpost about tipping chatgpt, and someone replied “huh would this actually help performance”

so i decided to test it and IT ACTUALLY WORKS WTF

December 6, 2023 • 08:02


What can be seen from this is that in the responses in which a tip of $200 had been promised, the text had been 11% higher than the version without tip. For its part, requests with a tip of $20 received responses that were 6% higher. Thanks to this he confirmed that yes there was really a direct relationship between the promise of tips and doing a better job of giving as complete an answer as possible.

Now, why has this happened? OpenAI has not commented on the matter and, as is often the case, most likely never will. Specialists say that it is possible that it is a habit that the AI ​​has learned from the users themselves whom he has studied so much by reviewing web pages, forums and online services such as Reddit. The possibility that it has noticed people’s conversations and learned concepts such as the debate over whether to tip or not, would fall within those things that AI can do and that perhaps no one is monitoring enough. But that doesn’t make it any less fascinating, especially because if artificial intelligence has learned tipping behavior, it can surely also learn many other things. After all, it is a technology that is increasingly used for more things, such as removing watermarks from photos.

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If you’re wondering, although a few hours ago the tipping experiment was still working, right now it seems that it has been patched by those responsible for ChatGPT. Or it may have never worked in the normal version and only in GPT-4 Turbo. In Mashable they were able to test it and confirmed that it worked, but right now the only thing the AI ​​says when you try to buy it based on tips is that, although it appreciates your offer, you have to recline it. In addition, ChatGPT acknowledges wanting to be transparent, which is why it confirms that it cannot accept any financial benefits or tips. It also implies that the information you provide with any query is already the best.



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