If you still don’t have the best launcher for Android, now is the best time: Nova Launcher is almost free

if you still dont have the best launcher for android.webp.webp.webp
if you still dont have the best launcher for android.webp.webp.webp

Although they may have gone out of style somewhat, launchers allow us to change the home screen appearance of our Android mobile, giving them a new identity. In this year 2023, we have tested up to 19 launchers that are totally recommended, among which is the eternal Nova Launcher.

This well-known application launcher changed hands last year, but that has not prevented it from continuing to be updated with interesting additions, such as the new cards that arrive in the app drawer and remind us of Google Now. Now It is on sale and remains at an irresistible price.

Nova Launcher Prime practically given away

The Google Play Store often receives discounts on the price of premium apps that we collect every week. However, some arrive unexpectedly, as is the case with Nova Launcher Prime, the paid version of the popular launcher.

The free version is sufficient for the vast majority of users, but we cannot rule out the extra features that are unlocked by paying, and now you will barely have to do it. With an approximate discount of 98%, the Nova premium license goes from 3.99 euros (its usual price) to 0.09 euros.

Nova Launcher Screenshots

In Nova Launcher we can save an application in APK format

By purchasing it, more options are unlocked, such as gestures to execute custom commands (launch an app, for example), the possibility of creating folders and tabs in the application drawer, without forgetting a privacy feature: hiding applications from the drawer without uninstalling them.

It not only enables what was mentioned, but also allows us to add more hover effects between screens, and adds the count of unread notifications on the icons. Based on what it comes with, in its free version, Nova Launcher Prime expands the range of possibilities, making it impossible to reject this opportunity.

In case you didn’t know it, stand out for following the design stocks of Android, with some tweaks that make it something more similar to the native launcher of the Google Pixel. Of course, reaching a customization level much older. It is available in the Play Store and you can download it from the file below.

Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime acts as a license for the free Nova Launcher app.

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