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If you plan to buy a Tesla, there is bad news: the Model S goes up in price

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The company Tesla It has become a benchmark among electric car manufacturers, and there are not a few who intend to buy any of the vehicles it has on the market. If this is something that was on your mind, you should know that the company has decided to increase the price of one of the models it has available. We tell you which ones are affected.

As far as Spain is directly affected, the most important thing is that the Model S it will be one of those affected and, therefore, its price will increase quite significantly. According to information that the increase that has been imputed in this car has been known reaches the 5,000 euros -nothing more and nothing less-. This will cause it to cost € 99,990… A quite remarkable amount and that can be a real handicap for more than one who had as one of their objectives to buy this vehicle.

Another of those affected by the rise is the Model X, which will also see its price increased by $ 5,000 … but this will not exactly be a problem in Spain. Therefore, what they have decided in Tesla is to make a linear increase in the two models that we have mentioned and by the same amount. Thus, everything seems to indicate that it is due to an increase in costs derived from suppliers and that, I have one way or another, ends up also being imputed the buyers … or you can also see a reflection of the demand as some of the company executives commented at the time.

Some Tesla models are not affected

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By the way, this is curious, since the Model 3 and Model Y they did not experience an increase in their price and this is maintained with respect to what they have been costing for some time. In this way, it seems quite clear which are the Tesla cars that are most in demand if we look at the rise we are talking about.

If you plan to buy a Tesla there is bad

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At the moment there is no confirmation by Tesla itself, but taking into account what has been seen from the United States (and on the website of Spain itself), it seems that the price increase will be something that will affect globally both the Model S and the Model X -always in each of the markets in which it can be bought-. The fact is that the price increase is a reality and, therefore, it will cost you a little more to take your desired Tesla Model S home.

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