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    If you need to open a website and you receive a site not available error, we bring you some solutions

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    2021 10 13 13 35 22.jpg

    Entering a web page that we need and that it does not open can be quite a stressful situation. In addition, it is a circumstance in which we do not know if the problem is on our side or on the side of the web. Therefore, we will present you with a series of solutions to fix the website unavailable error thrown by the browser.

    Through these steps, you can rule out if the problem is on your side of the network or if, on the contrary, the fault is on the website.

    Solutions for when you get the website unavailable error

    Check if the site is active

    The first solution to the website unavailable error will be to check if the page has the problem. To do this, we will analyze the availability of the site using a service called Down for Everyone or Just for Me. When entering the page, paste the link in the address bar that shows and the result will tell you if the site is indeed down or if only you have the problem.

    Try another browser

    Generally we usually have a couple of browsers on the computer, Chrome and Microsoft Edge that comes by default. If you have additional ones installed, much better, because the idea is to check if there are problems with the browser you normally use.

    If you try Opera or some other alternative and the problem persists, then we go to the next point.

    Check your antivirus

    Antivirus can also take actions to block pages if they are considered unsafe. In this sense, an important step in this testing process is to verify if the antivirus is affecting access to the page.

    To do this, simply disable it for a few seconds and try to enter the website to check if you receive the same response.

    Use Google DNS

    It is common to have the network settings in automatic mode, that is, it is the ISP who provides us with an IP and its DNS servers. However, the latter can sometimes fail to resolve some sites, so it is better to use Google’s.

    To start with this configuration press the key combination Windows + R, type NCPA.CPL and press Enter.

    This will take you immediately to the network connections window, there you will have to right click on your WIFi network or Ethernet adapter and select “Properties”.

    In the new pop-up window, click on “Enable IPV4 internet protocol” and then click on “Properties”.

    This will bring up a new window, go to the second section that refers to DNS and choose to enter it manually. The DNS are: and

    When finished, click “OK” in all the windows and that’s it. This should solve the problem you are having accessing the website.

    In case the problem persists at the end of this guide, then you should contact your internet provider to verify the reasons for the connection failure to a certain site.