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If you have YouTube Premium there is bad news for you: it will be more expensive

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It seems that the platforms that broadcast video in streaming are all looking for ways to optimize the income they generate. And, on some occasions, what they do is increase the price of the subscription they offer. And this is what has been known to happen with YouTube premium. Therefore, if you are one of those who use this service, there are things that you are not going to like at all. The increase affects, for the moment, the family plans that have contracted a Premium subscription. And, the truth is that there are not a few who resort to this option because it achieves a good number of users at a fairly sensible cost. The fact is that from Google they must have thought that it is necessary to improve the income that is achieved by this type of subscription is not enough, and for this reason they have decided to implement a price increase that is spreading worldwide. This is the rise of the YouTube Premium family plan The notification for those who have contracted this service is coming through an email indicating the price increase, which is not exactly the same in each region. For example, in the US it is five dollars more than what was paid to date. This means that what will be paid each month is $22.99. But users from other places have already been commenting on Reddit that they have received a similar communication without living in the US. People from Canada; United Kingdom (where the increase is two pounds); and even Argentina, where the rise is spectacular because we are talking about almost 200%. Therefore, it seems somewhat globalized and, for this reason, it is normal to think that in a short time Spain will be affected. Consequently, the best thing you can do is to prepare your pocket in case you want to keep the YouTube Premium family account or, if not, think about different options. The surprise of the unique users This is none other than that due to the data we have, there is no upload for those who have an individual YouTube Premium account. The truth is that this is surprising, but it makes some sense: there are not a few who use the family option to save something because by dividing the cost it amortizes more. Therefore, Google must think that the ideal is to get something more for this type of use, and hence the increase. Apart from what has been mentioned, the conditions of use and access to advanced options with this type of account do not undergo any change, so in this section everything remains stable. >

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