If you have to take medications at certain times, the new Samsung product is going to be your salvation

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818928833 238621599 1706x960.jpg

Samsung Health has received a new functionality that allows you to follow medication guidelines accurately.


Modern devices can be a great help in maintaining our health. For example, a wearable such as an activity bracelet or a smart watch has functions such as heart rate measurement or anti-stress exercises that can be really useful.

But we cannot forget that the mobile phone was the digital pioneer in health, with many apps that allow us to keep track of our daily lives to improve our habits or our treatments. And now, one of these apps, Samsung Health, has been updated with a function that can save our lives: the medication monitoring.

Many people need to take medications periodically to treat ailments and illnesses; either punctually or indefinitely. However, that is more difficult than it sounds, and it is common for let’s forget to take the dose that comes at the time indicated by our doctor. It is also possible that we make a mistake with the size of the dose or the periodicity.

Samsung Health will now help us create a medication plan and follow it strictly. The new function allows us to establish the taking of medications at certain times and at the specific frequency they have, whether with a prescription or without it. This is possible because the app itself will have a medicine finder, in which we can enter the name; The app will show us a general description and the possible side effects it produces, as well as possible interactions with other medications and the effect they may have if taken with certain foods, coffee or alcohol.

Users will be able to program alerts that will make their mobile phone and smart watch notify them when taking the appropriate medication; and they are even able to warn you when you are going to spend it to buy it again. The app is capable of give priority to some medications over others depending on its importance, adjusting the reminders depending on how urgent it is to take it; For more urgent medications, the alert will occupy the entire mobile screen and a long tone will sound.

Another detail that can be of great help is that it is possible to record the shape and color of the medications; In this way, when the alert appears we will be able to see exactly the pill that we should take at each moment, as well as the quantity and other details that may be important such as the foods that we should not take. The system also works with supplements, such as vitamins, although in that case the alert will be a simple reminder that will not bother you. At the moment, this function is available first in the Samsung Health app in the United States, and in the future it should arrive in Spain.

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