If you have this version of Windows, your computer has just become obsolete

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if you have this version of windows your computer has.jpg

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Microsoft has been definitively shelved to one of the versions of Windows that had been on the market the longest and that still, years later, continued to receive support. But the time to say goodbye has arrived, although it is surprising that the company has decided to allow licenses to continue being sold.

There have been 26 years of support for this old version of Windows. Microsoft has maintained support for Windows CE for almost three decades in which it is one of the firmest movements that the company has had over the years. Nothing can be recriminated unless, as we indicated, the sale of licenses is still active. What exactly has happened with this version of the operating system?

An unmistakable Windows

Windows CE, a platform that has come to have many names, such as Windows Embedded Compact 2013, which also It was its last version, it was not the typical version of the operating system that you had on your tower 20 years ago. But it was very common to have it on the netbook computers that became so fashionable at that time and that allowed you to have a good-performance computer in a smaller size than usual. These were equipment that required less muscle, which tended to be sold very cheaply and which performed more than well for office tasks or even in the case of some games.

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In them, Windows CE became a key way to have everything that we considered essential in a Microsoft operating system. At the same time, this version of the platform also was present on other devices, such as mobile devices or even a video game console, the legendary Sega Dreamcast. Because of its wide variety of uses and how well it worked among its commercial customers, Microsoft continued to support the system for years.

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He survived until the last of his days

Over the years, Windows Embedded Compact continued to be updated. As we told you, in 2013 it starred in its last version and this continued to be used in all types of projects until, in October 2018, Microsoft announced the end of support. However, as is currently happening with Windows 10 and its imminent obsolescence, there were many requests to the company to continue providing coverage for the operating system even if no new version was to see the light of day. That led Microsoft to decide make use of extended support which has been extended until October of this year 2023. With those five extra years that it has been given, the company believes it has done more than enough to support customers who had trusted Windows CE over the years .

Netbook type laptop

Microsoft has taken care of the operating system, above all, because of the historical importance it has had. From the first moment it was born as a platform that Bill Gates’ company would try to introduce on any type of small device that needed an operating system. This led to Windows CE being everywhere and becoming very common on PDAs, electronic agendas and later on some mobile phones. Systems like Windows Phone used the Windows CE base to be carried out. This was not a surprise, since one of the concepts of the success of Windows CE was that companies that trusted the system would have at their disposal a great capacity to carry out the customization and adaptation of the platform for their own use. .

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Therefore, if all types of companies in the world were turning to Windows CE for their devices, it was logical that Microsoft would also do the same with theirs. The results were not bad, but as time went by it was seen that Windows CE was being relegated to the background. That did not prevent some very interesting devices from being manufactured with this version of the software and there being inexpensive computers that, as we said, used it. Initially it did not have the reach of normal versions of Windows and users who bought these computers thinking of encountering this were greatly disappointed. But over the years it was improved, incorporating more support for tools and more options so that it increasingly offered a solid experience.

Dreamcast console from the Sega company

Microsoft has published an FAQ in which it provides information about Windows CE and about the migration in the case of devices that use it. But he has also used this space to pay tribute to the platform and say things like, for more than 20 years, it has been very important in industrial devices, the medical sector and other markets. He also recommends that companies that still use it take advantage of the moment to modernize their devices. However, licenses can continue to be purchased until 2028, although it is not a very good idea to continue depending on them.