If you have one of these Samsung phones you will soon be able to use Galaxy AI

mas dispositivos galaxy ai.jpg
mas dispositivos galaxy ai.jpg

The Galaxy AI tool on devices made by Samsung

Samsung is fully committed to ensuring that a greater number of users can squeeze the potential of your artificial intelligence. And, to achieve this, they have just officially revealed the additional list of Galaxy range phones that will soon be able to enjoy their AI.

For weeks there have been rumors circulating that Samsung intended to bring Galaxy AI artificial intelligence to more devices and not only the latest models Of the brand. Now the manufacturer reveals the exact models that will receive it and, in addition, sets a date for this launch. It’s going to be soon!

AI extends with One UI 6.1 update

As Samsung says, their plan is to “democratize AI,” for which they need it to be in the hands of a greater number of people. Hence, through the 6.1 update of the One UI user interface, they are going to activate access to Galaxy AI in a wide range of terminals.

Galaxy AI real-time translation feature


 Thus, the models that will receive the precious update will be the following series: Galaxy S23, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Tab S9 and Galaxy Z Flip5. In all cases availability will occur in the same period of time: end of march. Thanks to this new version of One UI, all these series of devices will be on par with the Galaxy S24 when it comes to the use of artificial intelligence. And that means that its users are going to have a lot of new features in their hands.

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Furthermore, from Samsung’s words it can be deduced that it is very likely that these are not the last devices to be updated to support AI. After all, the company mentions that, in 2024, they want Galaxy AI to be used by more than 100 million people.

What can you do thanks to Galaxy AI?

There are many functions that are enabled thanks to Samsung’s artificial intelligence, but the manufacturer places special emphasis on three fronts: better communication, increased productivity and creative possibilities. In the first group, what is sought is to eliminate any barrier that may exist in communications when you need to talk to a person who does not understand your language. Thanks to this technology, many of the usual problems that we previously had when traveling abroad are over. So, for example, we have access to the use of Interpreter, which can be used live to talk to a person using a different language.

Capturing Interpreter mode on a Samsung Galaxy device

Or we have the opportunity to take advantage of Live Translate, tool that translates not only texts, but also the voice in telephone calls. In a more traditional way, the Chat Assist system takes care of giving us everything we need to communicate more easily in up to 13 different languages. Thus, one of the functions of the assistant, for example, is to help us make an adjustment to the tone of the messages we write. In this way we will have absolute guarantee that, while we speak in another language, we do so with the tone that we would use in our own.

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AI-enabled productivity features include Circle to Search, a Google search system that you’re probably already familiar with, as it’s been a buzzword. Another of its options is Browsing Assist, a function that summarizes news available on the Internet, and there is also Note Assist, which does the same in notes and offers other uses. For professionals who tend to participate in many meetings, the Transcript Assist AI system, will help save time and reduce effort.

Galaxy AI feature to make text summaries

Finally, let’s talk about the creative options of Galaxy AI. Samsung is very aware that there may be users who are not interested in all of the above, but are looking for a creative way to have fun with their mobile. For them, options and modes of use such as Generative Edit, Edit Suggestion or Instant Slow-mo are incorporated. Is about photo and video editing features which, once mastered, will help create the most attractive images thanks to the contribution of AI.

As we told you, all these functions and many others will arrive with Galaxy AI to users of the aforementioned mobile phones at the end of March. Samsung’s goal is to get Leading the way in the use of AI that smartphone owners do, and there is no doubt that they are on the right track.