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If you have one of these apps, delete it now: they have a virus that steals your data and controls your phone without you knowing

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825677717 239188487 1706x960.jpg

Malware has been discovered that affects 13 Android applications that until now were available on Google Play.

There is no time of year when new malware that affects some Android phones is not discovered. Spain is a country that is increasingly aware of online security, but that does not stop there from being cases of people having their information or even the passwords to their accounts stolen. Therefore, great care must be taken.

Now, the presence of a new malware has been discovered in some applications that have been present on Google Play, and that have been downloaded more than 300,000 times, so it may be affecting a lot of people, with Spain as one of the countries affected.

Its name is Xamalicious, and its objective is to gain access to some permissions related to accessibility in order to take control of the device and thus try to earn money at the user’s expense, either by stealing their personal data or using their mobile phone without them knowing. .

Uninstall these apps

Android accessibility services can allow control of the mobile phone, practically in its entirety. That is why these should not be granted to any application where they are not strictly necessary. In this case, Xamalicious can use these permissions for several things.

First of all, it can install other malicious applications on the internal memory of the device, as well as steal personal data, such as passwords or banking keys, since it can see what is happening on the screen. On the other hand, some criminals use it to fraudulently click on ads that bring them money, a practice known as Adware and that will cause the mobile or tablet on which it is present to be filled with advertising. The applications in which this malware has been discovered are:

Google has deleted all these applications from Google Play so that no user can download it again from its store. However, if you have the application installed, it will remain on your mobile until it is uninstalled, which is precisely what you have to do.

This malware, which has been discovered by McAfee, and according to the computer security company, the most affected countries have been the United StatesBrazil and Argentina, although in Europe, where some cases have also been reported, the most affected have been the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany.

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