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If you have an old mobile, you have a webcam: so you can give it a new life

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There are many uses that you can give to that old mobile that you no longer use to give it a new life and get it out of the drawer. We have already seen that you can turn your mobile into a computer, an alarm clock for the bedside table or a Dash Cam for your car, among other possibilities. Well, now let’s go it’s the turn of how to turn your old phone into a webcam for your pc.

If you need to comfortably make a video call from your computer and you don’t have a webcam, or it doesn’t work for you, then your android mobile can get you out of that trouble, since you can link your mobile camera with your PCas we will see below.

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Install DroidCam on your mobile

Among all the applications you can use your mobile as a webcam for your PC, the best of all is DroidCamso we are going to explain to you with this popular application how it turns your Android mobile into a webcam for your PC or on an IP camera.

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The first step in turning your old phone into a webcam is to install DroidCam on your mobile device. Once the application is installed, click on “Next” and you will see the instructions to correctly configure the app, steps that we will also see here in more detail. Then click on “Got it”, accept both permissions so that Droidcam can access the camera and microphone and the application will be ready to be linked to your PC.

DroidCam - Webcam for PC

DroidCam – Webcam for PC

  • Developer: Dev47Apps
  • Download it at: google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Tools

Install DroidCam Client on your PC


The second step is to install DroidCam Client on your PC. To do this, go to from your PC and at the bottom you will see the accesses for download DroidCam Client on Windows or Linux. Once the file is downloaded, run it to start the installation.

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Droid Cam Setup

The installation of DroidCam Client it is very simple and fast. On the first screen of the wizard, click on “Next” to accept the license and terms of use of the application in the next window by clicking on “I Agree”. In the next window, click on “Next”. We make sure that all the components are marked and click on “Install”. When the process is finished, we just have to find and run the program DroidCamApp that we just installed.

Droid Cam Setup

Connecting your mobile camera to your PC

Now with DroidCam open both on your mobile and on your computer and you just have to link both devices. To do this, make sure that your computer and your mobile are on the same Wi-Fi network.

droidcam wifi ip

Your mobile will show you the address WiFi IP and port that you will have to on your PC. In DroidCamApp on your PC you will have to write the “WiFi IP” field that the Android app shows you in the “Device IP” field of the app on your PC. The same for the port field. Once the IP and port have been written, activate the Video and Audio boxes if you also want to use the mobile as a microphone and click on “Star” to now use your mobile as a webcam on your PC. The image from your mobile camera will appear on your PC.

Droid Cam Wi-Fi Connect

the app of DroidCam allows you to select which camera you want to use as a webcamwhether the front or the rear. The free version is limitedif you want to use the zoom, flash, autofocus, rotation, capture controls, or not see ads to access HD or FullHD quality, you will have to purchase the paid version DroidCam X at the price of 5.20 euros.

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