If you have an Oculus Go, you may have a treasure on your hands

oculus go.jpg
oculus go.jpg

The Oculus Go are the virtual reality glasses that Facebook launched in 2017 and stopped manufacturing in 2020. That means they no longer have Facebook support, it will stop receiving updates (security will end in 2022), we will stop having games and new applications … well, it will be obsolete in a short time, although we can always continue using them to watch YouTube and other streaming programs.

This was the picture until recently, until it is announced that root access will be released so that developers “do what they want” with them.

It was announced by John Carmack, Oculus consultant, who states that we will have a special firmware that will give full access to the glasses, so we can freely modify them, in fact it is possible that the community will start creating new apps, a new control system, a new online store … new everything.

Currently glasses have certain limits imposed by the manufacturer, but those limits do not have to be those imposed by the hardware. With a new firmware giving full access to the Oculus Go glasses, they may be able to do things that today cannot.

It is not an official news, Facebok has not said anything yet, but John Carmack has a lot of name in this sector, so now it is only a matter of time before the “old” glasses that we have at home become a portal of Reality Virtual ready to open new doors.

I’m already imagining different “operating systems” depending on the type of user you are, applications for adventurers, skins for educational use, free games, paid games, integrations with arduino and / or raspberry Pi … we may have a treasure in the hands, now we just have to be patient and hope that the developer community is as excited with the news as the user community.