If you have a TV with Google TV, soon you will have access to more than 800 free channels

Google TV, successor to Android TV, It is positioning itself as one of the main players in the smart TV sector, thanks to the support of firms such as Philips, TCL and Sony. Top-level brands that have not hesitated to bet on Google’s operating system.

Also, although other solutions like Samsung’s Tizen or LG’s webOS work really well, Nobody can deny the hegemony of Google with Google TV or Android TV. Its more than 10,000 applications and games available, together with a perfect interface, make it the best option on the market.

And if you have a Samsung, LG or any brand TV with its own operating system, you can always connect a Chromecast or a media player with Android TV to enjoy the Google interface. More, now that you are going to have 800 free channels on Google TV and Android TV.

Google announces the arrival of 800 new free channels to Google TV

As reported by the company through a press release “Today we present a new live television experience that allows you to search for more than 800 free television channels from various providers, organized in an easy-to-use guide directly on the On tab. straight.”

Google has been wanting for a long time compete with platforms like Tivify or Pluto TV, even if you have an agreement with the latter, and that allow you to access all kinds of channels for free in AVOD mode (in exchange for advertising). Ads are a lucrative business, and Google wasn’t going to be without its piece of the pie.

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So they have just announced that, as they know that more and more users access streaming services to watch movies and series, they want to offer free television to all users of a television or player with Google TV.

This way, Google has signed new agreements with Tubi, Plex and Haystack News so that they join the list of channels available through a previous agreement that they signed with Pluto TV, offering a simply impressive list.

In total, you can now browse more than 800 premium channels and programming, including news channels from NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX. In addition, you will be able watch channels in more than 10 languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike Spanish, Hindi and Japanese.

And in the event that you pay for YouTube TV, you can access its content from the same Live tab. Of course, for now this new experience will be available on all Google TV devices in the US, including Chromecast with Google TV and televisions with integrated Google TV from Sony, TCL, Hisense and Philips. When will you arrive in Spain? At the moment you have to be patient, because it could take a few months.