If you have a Samsung mobile activate this new security option as soon as possible

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samsung proteccion movil mano.jpg

Having the guarantee that the use of your mobile phone is safe becomes a necessity for all users. The threats we face are increasing and it is essential that we have more options to turn to. Now they are Samsung device users those who can access a new security feature that they should activate as soon as possible.

Samsung does not want its users to be at risk. There are millions of people around the world who use mobile phones from this manufacturer in their daily lives and trust that they can take advantage of them without worrying about anything. To meet your expectations, the brand has released a new tool known as Samsung Auto Blocker which is now available.

It has arrived with Android 14

The latest version of Google’s operating system, which is used in One UI 6, enable this new feature among its news. But although it can be very useful, it is not a feature that is activated by default, so you will have to activate it manually. By doing so, you will be giving your mobile device an additional layer of security with which to block some of the threats that you may encounter.

Auto Blocker system on Samsung phones

Samsung refers to how what this new system does is increase customization possibilities that users have in their hands. It calls it a “package of additional security measures” that is integrated into the open environment of its platform. And the truth is that it is a much deeper tool than you could imagine, so it is best to explore it calmly.

This is how you can activate it

The activation process is really simple. You just have to enter the Settings menu and then go to the Security and Privacy section. There what you will have to do will be activate the “Auto Blocker” option. Once this is done, you will find a wide series of options that you can customize so that you can use one function or another within this tool. The interesting thing is that Samsung lets you customize the level of security that you will enjoy from that moment on on your mobile, so you can put a more or less solid lock depending on what you prefer.

One of the options that you can deactivate is that your mobile phone has the capacity to install applications through the sideloading system. As you probably already know, this is the process by which you can install apps that are not only available on Google Play or the Samsung App Store, but may come from other sources. sources that will not always be safe. The Android operating system has its own system for optionally blocking these installations, but Samsung wanted to make sure to incorporate another barrier that helps avoid problematic situations. With this block, it will be impossible to install applications using APK files, which will prevent you from being exposed to a number of risks.

Samsung Galaxy mobile

With this you will also be limiting the possibilities that Android offers in terms of installing apps from unauthorized sources, but it cannot be said. which is not a recommended setting if you prefer to limit yourself to those downloads that have passed Samsung and Google quality controls. On the other hand, this application also has a system that scans your mobile memory in search of applications that may have been previously installed from external sources and that may pose some type of risk. This system is not real-time monitoring, but you will have to activate it manually every time you want to review your memory.

Continuing with the available options, there are several parameters that will help you increase the level of security at the time of that you connect your mobile via USB cable. Several features are included that block the transmission of commands and possible operating system updates over this type of connection. The company is aware of the many security incidents that have occurred with USB connections, so they want to remedy them as soon as possible.

Zero-click exploit attack in mobile messaging

Ultimately, regarding what is possible for now to activate in Auto Blocker, we must mention a security system that will protect your messaging applications. This function was previously available for native Samsung apps, but the change is that it now also provides protection in the main messaging tools, thus avoiding problems on WhatsApp. With this function, security incidents related to Zero-click exploits that have caused so many headaches will be considerably reduced.

That said, remember that everything available within this new security system known as Auto Blocker is optional. We recommend that you explore it and activate or deactivate its functions depending on what you think is most convenient for your mobile.

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