If you have a Samsung, it is now more difficult to access one of the best features of Android

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Android contains a large number of functions that provide us with greater ease of use when operating our smartphones. However, some brands have chosen to implement their layers of customization and their own applications to the detriment of hide important features that brings with it the Google operating system. The last one to bury one of these really useful and unique functions in Android has been Samsungwhich we explain below.

Over time, Android has been perfecting its operating system with the inclusion of new functions that have been a great success in making our user experience a little easier. However, there are mobile brands that have made the decision to go another route and hide some of these applications for no reason.

Apparently, Samsung has camouflaged in its interface one of the most important options that Android integrates: notification history. Through this feature, you can view any notification, even if you have deleted it, and recover it easily. Therefore, if you have slipped an alert when you got lost or have done so intentionally, you have the option to recover it through this option in the mobile settings.

Samsung buries Android notification history

If you have woken up these days with an update on your Samsung phone, it is because the company is making some changes that have sparked controversy. And the South Korean manufacturer has disabled the Android notification history option, whose feature came into effect on all phones with this operating system in 2020.

In the customization layer One UI 6, Samsung’s version of Android 14, you have to search the notification history and you won’t find it easily. It is now located at the following root: Settings, Notifications, Advanced settings, Notification history. In this case, it is not known to what extent these types of functions are considered advanced, so the small shortcut to get there has been completely removed.

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But he’s not the only one. Other companies like One Plus They are also hiding notification history for no apparent reason, after being available for three years on these models. This case is very similar to that of Samsung, since now in the OxygenOS 13 interface it hides the Android function even more in the following path: Settings, Notification and status bar, More settings, Notification history. As you can see, in both cases this option is hidden very deep.

What is notification history?

But what is notification history? This is an option that not everyone knows about and many times It is deactivated in the mobile settings by default as a privacy measure. You have the possibility to consult all the notifications that you have received on your mobile, even if you have deleted them at any given time. But if you want to enjoy this unique benefit, you must obviously activate the option in your mobile settings.

You should also keep in mind that when you enter the notification history a list will appear of all those that you have recently deleted and others below that you have deleted in the last 24 hours.

As you can see, this very important feature of Android is little by little losing its usefulness by the main mobile manufacturers, so we do not rule out that at any time it will completely disappear from the settings of our smartphones.

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