If you can’t open a folder in Windows try this trick

if you cant open a folder in windows try this.jpg
if you cant open a folder in windows try this.jpg


As a computer user, you surely know all the routes your device has in order to have each and every file close by. You may have never encountered any problems activating them, and all for the mere fact of having all the permissions on the device. But if you share it you may run into a problem that You can’t open a folder and we’re going to tell you why.

Access to folders is usually open, but there are times when it is impossible. And the curious thing is that these folders do not have to be encrypted and you simply need to have another user to create them and prevent other users from entering.

Access denied on a folder? this may be your case

On some occasions we have talked to you about how it is possible to put a password on a Windows folder. It is a very simple method with which you can rest assured that no one accesses the files you want to protect, but the truth is that it is not the only method to achieve this effect in a file or file container.

For this, there is something in Windows called permissions, which is a measure that at first seems much stronger than a password, but it has its limits. And you can modify these permissions on your own if you manage to take possession of that folder, bypassing all the restrictions that are available.

How to get ownership of a folder or document

If you have problems accessing a file, you should keep in mind that you will need an administrator account. This account has all the permissions available, so if the PC is not yours you will need whoever has these capabilities to do it for you. The first thing you have to know is that you have before you a folder with a specific authorship. For that you must do the following

  • Select the folder with right click
  • Go to Properties
  • In the Security section click on Advanced
  • Here you will see who the folder belongs to and next to the name click on change
  • Select user or group by typing in the user name
  • The system will search for those users and now you just have to accept
  • Apply the changes and then accept in the properties


This way you will have access to the folder in question. However, you have to repeat this process with the folders you want to enter, so you still have to repeat this process to enter all of them. If you’re wondering, this works with both local accounts and those created with a Microsoft email, in which case your username is the first five letters of the email address you entered.

It may be that even if you have these permissions you cannot enter and that is when you have to check if, as we told you before, it is a folder protected with a password to which only the owner knows access.

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