If you are giving a Windows computer to an elderly person, do this first

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Use a computer Today it has many advantages but it is not always easy for everyone to adapt to its use. Although learning to use a mobile phone has become common from very young children to older children, the computer is usually one more step. But if you are going to do it and want to give a Windows computer to an elderly person, you should take these steps into account before preparing it for them.

Although the elderly have become accustomed to the use of operating systems such as Android, They do not always know how to use a Windows computer fluently and they may need it or simply want to start using it. In that case, there are a series of fundamental aspects that we must review before handing over the PC.

Remove all bloatware

Windows 10 comes with a lot of pre-installed applications, therefore, when we are going to start using a PC with Windows 10, we will find a large number of installed applications and that are used by default for certain tasks. For example, Edge is the browser that will be opened by default to open a website, Photos is the default viewer to view images, etc. But not all of them are going to be needed.

New applications that, regardless of their potential or whether we like them more or less, require a learning process if we are not used to using them. Something that is even more difficult for older people. Therefore, the first thing we must do is uninstall all these pre-installed applications in Windows 10 and install those that the person who is going to use the PC already knows or has a lower learning curve.


Install a good antivirus

If we have parents or grandparents, we surely have realized that it is important that they have a good antivirus installed on their computers. Although Windows Defender is more than enough on a Windows computer, it may be a good idea to check out other applications or programs that work to clean up your computer and not accumulate junk or put it at risk. This is going to make Windows 10 for seniors a lot safer to use.

As a general rule, older people tend to be more trusting and do not doubt what is shown to them on the screen and which, far from what they think, may turn out to be a scam.

Configure Accessibility options

Windows 10 has the Accessibility option within its Settings options. That is where we will be able to adapt certain features of the system that have been precisely to facilitate the use of Windows 10 for older people.

Among the options that we find in the Windows 10 accessibility settings, we can activate the storytellerwhich reads aloud the text shown on the screen, so that older people do not have to be aware of everything that appears to them, the magnifying glasswhich allows us to enlarge an area of ​​our screen to see it much better or make the mouse pointer to display at a much larger size to make it much easier to follow. That is, a set of options that makes the use of Windows 10 easier for older people.

Enable mouse pointer localization

If we use a large screen or if more than one screen is connected to the computer, it is easy for the elderly person who is using the PC to lose the location of the mouse pointer from time to time. Well, Windows 10 has the possibility of activating a function that makes it so that when you click on the Ctrl key, it shows us waves with the location of the mouse pointer at that moment.

Windows 10 for seniors

This way, it will be very easy to find the pointer if at any time we have lost it. Without a doubt, a great help to facilitate the use of Windows 10 for older people. To activate this option, we go to Control Panel and from here to Hardware and Sound and Devices and Printers. We click on the Mouse option and this will open a new window. In it, we go to the Pointer Options tab, we mark the option at the bottom Show the location of the pointer to press the CTRL key which we find in the Visibility section and apply and save the changes. From that moment on, it is possible to locate the mouse pointer by simply pressing the CTRL key.

Install a browser and configure it

Nowadays, older people also make their first steps on the Internet, therefore, it is advisable to install a browser that is the easiest to use. Without a doubt, Google Chrome is the most used in the world, perhaps due to the number of functions that can be added through its large catalog of extensions.

However, more than the browser itself, which is of course important, what we cannot forget is configure the network to which the equipment will be connected. If it is through WiFi, we must configure and save it so that it connects automatically every time the system starts. This way, we’ll make it easier to use Windows 10 for seniors.

Increase font size

Depending on the version of Windows 10 we have, we may find a way to increase the size of the fonts in certain elements of the system. However, if our version does not offer this option, we can also increase the font size of different elements of Windows 10 by directly modifying the system registry.

font size

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