If you always forget your health card, there is a very simple way to carry it on your mobile

if you always forget your health card there is a.webp.webp.webp
if you always forget your health card there is a.webp.webp.webp

I dream of the day when I don’t need to carry a wallet and I know that for that, the cell phone is my best ally. The driving license is now a reality thanks to the Mi DGT app, sooner or later DNI 4.0 will arrive so we can carry our identification on our phone and what happens with our health card? We already told you that the topic has its merits. If you want to carry your health card on your mobile, this is what you can do.

After checking how well it works, the number of procedures that it allows you to carry out from your mobile phone and that it solves the issue of having an integrated driving license with official validity, one would expect that it would exist a health application that would house the official digital health card. Yes and no. Let me explain: nowadays each autonomous community has its own health application and as we have seen, they are quite different.

Carrying the health card in official digital format is possible (sometimes)

We see it better with a couple of examples. What you see below these lines is the interface of the Navarra health application, where there is no function to show your health card. Yes, you can see the identification code of your health card, but there is no card.


I have asked my colleagues at Webedia and, apart from Navarra, the digital health card does not appear in the respective health applications of Andalusia, the Region of Murcia or the Valencian Community.

But there are other autonomous communities that They do have a health application where the health card does appear. Or two, as is the case of the Community of Madrid. For example, in Catalonia, Galicia, Castilla y León or the Canary Islands.

Health Card

So if you want to carry your health card on your mobile, the easiest thing is to download the health application of your autonomous community, as long as it has this option. This way you will have the card in a friendly format, within the corresponding platform (which will make it easier for you to search for it), with protection (it is common that a PIN, credentials or biometric systems are required to access these services) and more interesting: the data usually comes accompanied by barcodes or QR codes that ensure their authenticity.

In fact, there are those who use it as a substitute for the physical card without problem… yes, always within your community. A Galician colleague tells us that she did have compatibility problems when dispensing medicines in other communities.

The issue is that not all autonomous communities have an integrated health card. What happens in that case if I want to carry the health card on my cell phone? It is my own case: as I do with the DNI, it is enough to have a PDF with the photo on both sides attached to an email that you keep safe or simply pinned in a Telegram group where only you are. This way you can carry any document including the health card.

But there is a side B: the digitized health card is not the official digital health card, so it has no legal validity and therefore we cannot use it as a substitute for physics. Of course, it can be useful if the only thing we are interested in is having the document (for example, if they ask us to register for something) or the information.

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