If the things in life were products and accepted reviews

earth reviews.jpg
earth reviews.jpg

Some say that the world we live in is a simulation, like the Matrix, and that we are SIMS, software products controlled by other beings, beings that are also a simulation…

Philosophy aside, but without wanting to leave Plato’s cave too much, this theory has given a lot of play, and now there is a website where we can give it more life by reviewing everyday things.

Because it is clear that if the world is a simulation, all we experience are functions that some programmer has decided to incorporate. Coffee, it would be one, singing, movies, dogs, volcanoes, diseases… everything would be the product of some programming team that enjoys seeing how we react to new versions.

Imagine the programmer who put the vaccine, or the one who put the Internet, or the one who decided that it would be a good idea to transport us by air… they would all be functions, and everyone has the right to have an opinion about them.

That is the objective of the earth-reviews website, where we can give our opinion and put stars on various things in our lives, and read the opinions of others, which is the best thing about the system.

We can see a person asking to remove the “coffee” feature, one of the most starred, because it gives them headaches, and we can see how almost everyone loves the “dogs” feature.

Spiders, ants, and shaking hands seem to be unpopular features, by the way.

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