If the iPads adopt OLED technology, it will be in its hybrid format

It is not long before the new Apple event where the iPhone 14 is going to be launched takes place. For this reason, it is normal that most of the news that comes out refers to this device, but there are many more that deserve our attention. The iPad is one of them and the news that follows will not leave anyone indifferent. If in the end it adopts a screen with OLED technology It will be in the hybrid format.

The hybrid format in OLED is safer and more aesthetic than the flexible format

They have been rumored for a long time since Apple wants the iPad to mount a screen with OLED technology. However, that moment has not yet come. It is believed that this moment could come soon, but the reality is that it is not known when. Apple has not given any clues, except that if it becomes effective, it will be in hybrid or mixed OLED format. That is, neither rigid nor flexible.

The reason is quite logical. Apart from saving production costs and therefore risking having to raise the prices of the iPad to the end user, the flexible OLED has a basic problem. As the screen gets larger it is more likely thatand detect small wrinkles that make the control and display of the screen lose quality.

Apple doesn’t want that on iPads. (Neither on the other devices) because of the size of the screen. On the iPhone you can “fix” it because of the size, but on the tablet, no.

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In addition, it must be said that flexible OLED technology has yet to be perfected and it is at least a year before it can become commercially viable. That is, so that it does not explode in the face of any company that launches it on the market. We are talking about 2024 at the very least.

Until the solution to these problems is found, Apple will continue to use hybrid or mixed OLED panels.

It is true that with the “secure” it will be late on the scene, because Samsung is surely planning to launch it already. Before anyone else, to get a bit, but then we will talk about the OLED screen problem in the Korean firm. Something that will not happen at Apple and that is not lack of courage or laziness, It’s called responsibility.