IDC Projection: Global PC Sales Expected to Decline by 13.7% in 2023

IDC calculated that in 2023 the PC market will “sink” by 13.7% to 252 million devices. It is noted that the PC market is “pressed” by sales of other computing devices – in particular, smartphones and tablets, this is especially noticeable in the user segment.

IDC experts also note that the active use of hybrid work affects the sales structure of the corporate segment, remote work is becoming a thing of the past, but its hybrid version is very common – in the latter case, much more jobs are needed.

In addition, analysts remind that Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 10 in 2025 and this will stimulate the renewal of the commercial PC fleet. At the same time, IDC believes that Apple will redouble its efforts to introduce its products to the corporate market.

Overall, IDC expects consumer PC sales to decline by 16.2% in 2023 to 112 million units. The volume of the world market of the PC for educational purposes will decrease, as expected, by 11.2% to 31.1 million devices. Sales of PCs for the corporate segment this year will decrease by 11.7% to 108.9 million units. In general, the market is expected to decline this year by 13.7%, 252 million PCs will be sold.

Global PC shipments are expected to grow 3.7% to 261.4 million units in 2024. This figure is higher than for 2018, but lower than PC shipments in 2019.

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