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iCloud has problems with the iOS 16.3 update

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It seems that after the latest update of the operating system, iOS 16.3, a few users have filed their complaints regarding a problem with the backup and synchronization that occurs with iCloud Drive and Photos. It seems that the problem arises from some lack of two-factor authentication.

Problems with iCloud Drive and Photos

Some people have voiced their complaints on both Apple and Internet forums. Reddit, and even getting in contact with various media close to the company itself. Everything seems to point to problems with some users who are using iCloud for their iOS 16.3 devices. After the update, security changes have permission on physical security keys, which is quite handy on many accounts. So much so that Advanced data protection security is extended even to countries other than the United States.

Between the different reportsthe users comment on the appearance of a text that dictates “An unexpected error has occurred. Try again later”. This occurs after trying to activate some functions that are normally active. However, the new update makes multiple features like iCloud Drive and iCloud Backup, etc. inactive.

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Normally user reports present failures in two-factor authentication, which is usually disabled for many people in the update. In other cases, users present that two-factor authentication must be manually activated from the Apple ID for the bug to be fixed. However, it is not a security option that everyone wants to activate in their respective accounts.

Some remarkably similar reports can even be read on their issues. Even if they already have two-factor authentication on their accounts, so it may be some other external issue.

According the description of data security in iCloud from Apple, “All new Apple iDs require two-factor authentication” for their accounts. In the same way it is quite necessary for some other options of the enterprise ecosystem, such as end-to-end encryption.

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Meanwhile, the Cupertino company has already been developing Advanced Data Protection in the United States since last year. This feature offers end-to-end encryption to iCloud Drive, device backups and messages, Photos as well as other device issues. This function arrived for other parts of the world from January 23.

Apple already has the reports and is trying to mobilize regarding the problem, as it could be some external factor.

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