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iCloud has changed the way we use Apple devices

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Everyone, those of us who use apple and those who don’t, know about the iCloud service. However, those of us who use Apple devices know very well what this service is capable of and why not say so, this essence of Apple. This service by which we can store almost any data in the cloud, has also made it possible for us, for example, to start a document on iPad and continue on iPhone. Consult a Web on a Mac and continue on an iPad and a long etcetera. iCloud has changed the way you see things. Apple iCloud makes things easier. Worth?. Let’s see.

What is iCloud?

We can say that it is Apple’s service in the cloud and through which we can store photos, documents, passwords and many more things in it and we can have them on any of the devices that have been configured with that same account. Besides we will be able to share those files with relatives.

By the way, it must be emphasized that although it is something inherent to Apple, it can also be used in a Windows, but the results of compatibility and symbiosis are not the same. We won’t be able to do what we do with a Mac and an iPhone if we have an iPhone and a Windows.

For the record. We also have the iCloud+ version with additional functions and more storage space. Can it be useful to us? Maybe. Possessing more than 5GB and functions such as IP hiding, it can be worth what it is worth.

iCloud, iCloud Drive, and iCloud+

Without scaring us. Are there three versions of iCloud? Yes and no. Let’s see. We can say that iCloud Drive is inside iCloud. Let’s say that iCloud is a big space where several functions fit: Email, iCloud Drive, iCloud+, password manager, IP hiding, enhanced privacy...etc.

iCloud Drive is the one for storage. iCloud+ is one step further in certain functions.

Where and how do you make backup copies?

We can back up the operating systems of each of our devices to iCloud. Logically, they take up a lot of space, so if you want to have, for example, the Mac, iPad and iPhone, with the 5GB that Apple offers you for free, it will not be enough.

But it’s always nice to know that we can have a backup of everything what we have on our devices, in the cloud just in case. The way to do it is quite simple.

On the iPhone, iPad, or the recently removed iPod Touch, we have to go to Settings > name > iCloud > Manage storage > Backups. At that very moment we will know which devices have the Copy option activated.

If we want to see it from the Mac and change options or delete existing copies, we have to go to Apple menu > System Preferences, Apple ID, then iCloud.

By the way, one thing to note: If you disable backup on a device, all backups stored here will be kept for a period of 180 days before being removed.

Seeing what iCloud offers in general and taking into account that Apple offers us an initial space of 5GB just for owning a device from the company, we have to assess how much the rest of the plans cost and see if it’s worth paying for it.

Pricing plans

What is discussed in this section is to know how much it costs us to go from iCloud to the higher version. First, let me tell you schematically, the functions additional costs that arise if we decide to pay:

  • Private relay: internet privacy
  • Disguise email
  • secure video of HomeKit
  • Domain custom email
  • Service In family

Now the prices:

Saving the currency and country changes, we are going to focus on Spain. But in this page you can see the prices in the rest of the world. For €0.99/month we have 50 GB of space and 1 Homekit camera. €2.99/month is 200GB and 5 cameras and for €9.99/month we have 2TB and unlimited cameras.

All the functions mentioned above are also included from the lowest subscription.

At these prices. Is it worth paying?

The answer to this question is quite complicated. will depend especially the use you are going to give it. Logically if you have cameras it is worth paying yes or yes. But otherwise probably not.

In my particular case, I have contracted the basic rate of 0.99 per month. Taking into account that above all I pay per month for the functions of Private Relay and email. I like the privacy.

Would it suit you? Only you know this answer and it will depend on what you do in your day to day.

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