iCloud Documents and Data disappears and becomes part of iCloud Drive

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icloud iphone.jpg

The first thing I would like to say if you have read this news is that there is nothing to worry about. I mean that Apple has taken over and automatically the data contained in what was called iCloud Documents and Data is now part of the service called iCloud Drive. A logical step considering that it doesn’t make much sense to have two systems in the cloud where basically one of them can bring together what the other does but not the other way around. So there is nothing to worry about and a lot to be happy about.

iCloud Data and Documents has been around since 2014

It was in 2014 when Apple decided to take advantage of the cloud and launch what was called as iCloud Documents and Data. A service that consisted of file storage. Especially documents. Taking advantage of the power and functionality of the iWork suite with Pages, Numbers and others that we already know very well.

Now in 2022 with iCloud, this service is already obsolete. It didn’t make sense to have two platforms doing the same thing. Safeguard files in the cloud allowing the user to access it without taking up space on the device.

But it is also that, now, with iCloud Drive we can have more options than we had at first. We only have to take them into account, such as the functionality of hiding the IP or generating anonymous emails associated with ours. Something that seems essential today.

We return to reassure the staff. If you are looking for a way to update from one service to another and you cannot find how, it is normal. There’s nothing to do. Apple takes care of everything. The American company is going to migrate all the content of the defunct iCloud Documents and Data to the new version or platform.

Remember that files can be accessed as long as you have devices with at least, on devices with iOS 8. a mac with OS X Yosemite or later. We do not forget Windows PCs that must at least have the operating system Windows 7. If this is not your case, you can always use iCloudDrive through the browser.

We say goodbye to a service that has done a lot for us. But everything evolves and we must turn the page. Always forward.