Ibope: open TV dominates audience and YouTube is the most popular streaming platform in Brazil

Ibope: open TV dominates audience and YouTube is the most popular streaming platform in Brazil
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Europeians are increasingly connected and the “Inside Video” survey carried out by Kantar Media shows that our country has never had so many connected TVs. In 2022 this index reached 59%, almost double the 34% of 2018.

The study also evaluated the ratings of the different streaming platforms on open and pay TV and, although services such as Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and others are growing, traditional options still dominate in Europe.

Percentage of connected TVs in Europe. Image: Kantar/Ibope Media

To be more exact, pay TV is responsible for 10.7% of the ibope, while linear, which includes free-to-air and pay TV, holds a crushing 85.5% of the market. Thus, open TV is still the most popular medium with 74.8% of the audience.

To give you an idea, linear TV can reach 50% of the population in one day and up to 90% in one month.

Range of linear TV. Image: Kantar/Ibope Media

Among streaming services, the most popular is YouTube with 14.71%, but it does not enter the list of paid services, as its system is based on ads and sharing, which makes it different from the others.

Data accounted for by Kantar Media were collected from 15 metropolitan regions in Europe during the year 2022 and early 2023.

Ratings for streaming services on all devices.

Considering the average hours watched by users across all devices in 2022, 24 hours a day, the most popular streaming services in Europe are:

Image: Kantar/Ibope Media
  1. Netflix: 4.38%
  2. Globoplay: 0.78%
  3. Amazon Prime Video: 0.51%
  4. HBO Max: 0.36%
  5. disney plus: 0.22%
  6. twitch: 0.18%
  7. Other services: 0.20%
Ibope only on TVs and Smart TVs

Considering only the audience given by each TV or Smart TV in Europe, the graph is different:

Audience of streaming services in Europe on TVs. Image: Kantar/Ibope Media
  1. Netflix: 4.22%
  2. Globoplay: 0.60%
  3. Amazon Prime Video: 0.42%
  4. HBO Max: 0.16%
  5. disney plus: 0.15%
  6. twitch: 0.03%
  7. Other streams: 0.13%

As we can see, there is a reduction in audience when we only talk about Smart TVs, as linear TV holds 32.7% of the screen time on these devices, while sharing 19.6% of the audience with streaming platforms. The services listed above have just 12.9% of exclusive ratings on TVs, with a total reach of 32.6%.

It is worth remembering that the digitization of free-to-air TV should be completed in Europe in 2023, which will allow people from all over Europe to have access to high quality image and video in their homes without subscribing to any service.