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I switch from Movistar to O2, what do I need to know to avoid messing it up?

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O2 is one of the most successful operators today and boasts affordable rates with excellent characteristics, without permanence, with good mobile rates and good fiber speed to connect to the Internet without leaving the Telefónica network. Many users have decided in recent years switch to O2 So below we tell you what you should take into account if you are going to switch from Movistar to O2 and you do not want to mess it up in the process.

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They are brands from the same group so portability or change will be very easy, but there are a number of things that you should take into account and that are really useful for you.

fiber installation

When doing a fiber installation with O2, if we already had Movistar, there are some common doubts or questions that you have surely been able to ask yourself. For example, if you need a new installation or if you have to make a change to the equipment you already have at home.

Not generally. If you already have a fiber installation with Movistar, you don’t have to do anything and your current installation and equipment will serve you with O2 without any technician having to come to your home Rather, the change will be made automatically within a maximum period of three working days, changing one operator to another but without touching the installation made. This is the case at O2 but not at all companies and others, such as Jazztel and Orange, generally do send a technician who is in charge of checking or making the necessary changes.

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Smart Wi-Fi 6 O2

If you are from Movistar, you will not have to change the equipment except in specific cases: that you have ADSL or that you have fixed voice service over copper. If you have ADSL with Movistar and you switch to O2, a technician will contact you in six working days to agree on the installation. The fiber installation will have to be done completely, with a duration that can be around two hours approximately and will depend on the situation of each one.

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There will also be a change of equipment if you have fixed voice with copper instead of fiber. If you switch to O2, the technician will contact you within six days to make a network modification and review the installation so that you can use the most modern O2 technology.

Mobile phone changes

There will be no changes to the mobile phone either if you are going to move from Movistar to O2 and the process is simple. You don’t need a new SIM card nor do you need to modify anything on your smartphone but electronic portability is carried out and the SIM that it has will also serve in O2.

As we already know, the two brands belong to Telefónica and both share a network, so there will be no problem keeping your card and the electronic portability process will be completed within a maximum period of three business days in which you will see the change.

O2 with 5G

Other doubts

In addition, as with any portability, you do not need to contact Movistar at any time or get in touch with the operator because O2 will take care of everything. In the case of having a Movistar Fusion rate in which a telephone is associated, when you switch to O2 you will be charged the total amount of the outstanding installments that you have left to complete the payment of the mobile or you can return it paying the corresponding penalty. Only in these cases should you contact Movistar to find out about your specific situation. But if you don’t have a mobile phone or any outstanding fee, you just have to wait and start enjoying the new rate.

You should also take into account that O2 does not have a television, so yes, if you switch from Movistar to O2 you will lose access to the different contracted channels and you will also have to return the decoder provided by Movistar. If you want television, the only option we have is to hire Movistar+ Lite independently, although it does not give us the right to have a deco installed or offer us as many channels or packages as Movistar usually allows.

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