I receive WhatsApp messages from unknown users: how to block them?

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WhatsApp block unknown messages

WhatsApp It is the means of communication with the most users in the world, so that today you can communicate with whoever you want because they are surely registered in the application. However, it is also a tool that anyone who enters a mobile number can access and contact you if they have your phone. If you don’t know the person speaking to you or you don’t know who they are, it is best to block those messages.

The well-known messaging application is one of the most used to contact your family and friends quickly and easily. Nowadays, WhatsApp has become the main showcase of the communication landscape between users from any corner of the world, but it can also make us uncomfortable with some situations such as receiving messages from unknown people. But let’s not put our hands on our heads, since there is a very simple way to prevent someone who is not on our contact list from trying to contact us using a series of security and privacy measures.

How to block WhatsApp messages from strangers

If you have received a WhatsApp message from an unknown sender, it is most likely a advertisingan user spam or maybe a person who you don’t remember her. But it could also be someone you don’t want to talk to anymore whose number you recently deleted. In these eventualities, the most used method is to block the messages to prevent more notifications from reaching youif you follow these steps:

  • When you receive the message from the unknown number, the message boxes will appear. Block o Add within the chat. Here you must click on the first option.
  • In the following context menu the Block or Block and report functions will appear. Regardless of the options you choose, The chat will be deleted immediately and the last 5 messages will be forwarded to WhatsApp of the user or company account that has contacted you to rate them, but at no time will they realize this.
  • Finally, you must add a reason for blockinggiving you the choice of several alternatives: I no longer need it, I will not register, Spam, Offensive Messages or Another reason.

WhatsApp block unknown messages

Why do I receive WhatsApp messages from strangers?

There are several reasons why you may receive a WhatsApp message without having been added to that contact.

The first of them is that your phone number may be circulating on the Internet or on some advertising website. This is because your number has been made public on a social network website when making an online purchase, so you must make sure that this personal information you enter is hidden.

Second, you may be receiving spam through a chatbot or automated programsso you should block it immediately if you don’t want to be bombarded with so many messages.

Finally, it may happen that someone has given the number to someone else without your consent, so the safest method is to block the contact, unless it specifies that it comes from a family member or friend. In that situation, you will have to decide what to do. If you receive threats, do not hesitate to go to the State Security Forces and Corps to report them.

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