I pay for Google Photos after years of avoiding it: why I ended up subscribing to Google One and you will too

i pay for google photos after years of avoiding it.jpg
i pay for google photos after years of avoiding it.jpg

Google Photos has become an application for which many will have to pay sooner rather than later, and these are the reasons.

In 2015 Google hit the table with the announcement of Google Photos. They presented a solid product, with clear functionality, easy to use, free and unlimited. It was too good to be true, but for five years it was true. In 2020 things changed in an announcement that caught many by surprise, the move to payment plans for the service, although a free account would be maintained, affecting all the countries in which it operated, including Spain.

This last option is what has kept users hooked, who with 15 GB mostly had enough space for their emails, some files in Google Drive and photos in Google Photos. I was one of those users, until two months ago, at which time I took the step to the payment option.

I am a very intensive user of Google Photosbut I have been able to postpone this movement for so long because I am extremely organized and I always leave the images and videos that I want to keep, I do not use the app as a kind of giant trash can as happens to many users.

(Master Google Photos like a pro: organize your photos and free up space)

When designing an online product, it is normal, although not mandatory, to offer a free version that allows potential customers to be users first, without spending money. Google knows this perfectly and it is that Only in recent years has he started charging for some thingssince its inception its growth system has been to create free products with advertising.

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Google Photos also has several payment options that They are not particularly expensive, especially if we compare it with other servicessuch as streaming, which continue to raise prices indiscriminately, both audio and video.

Google One prices

I am sure that little by little we will see more and more users paying for storage, because the 15 GB limit has not been raised in years and we have more and more photos and videos, they take up more and more and it is a matter of time before the free space is filled. When this becomes massive, when it happens to almost everyone, we will see if any company wants to release a product similar to Google Photos, cheaper or free, to try to compete with it. It doesn’t seem very likely, as I stated in another article.

Additionally, Google has room for growth if it advertised more tools like the magic eraser. Many people use Google Photos and do not know functions like that, which after being shown to them they begin to use normally. It’s not that they were going to pay just for that, but if several features are combined, such as the expected Magic Editor, perhaps it would be even more justified to move to the Google One payment plans.