I miss Titanium backups – it’s the only feature I would go back to ROOT for

i miss titanium backups its the only feature i.webp.webp.webp
i miss titanium backups its the only feature i.webp.webp.webp

Among all the applications that I used in my initial days with Android, a time when cooked ROMs were the order of the day, there is one application that I would currently pay to continue using: Titanium Backup. Perfect for a brand new mobile 100% restoring the previous phone and very useful to manage all the applications preinstalled by the manufacturer.

The times when I changed the ROM on my Android every day are long gone, it’s been a while since I updated the phone’s firmware beyond official updates. Download a new ROM, make a complete copy of the apps with Titanium Backup, flash the ROM from the custom Recovery and restore Titanium backup: With these steps I had my phone active again and without losing any of the application data. What I wouldn’t give for Titanium to work as it is now.

Titanium kept a complete and perfect backup

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup

The ROM changes passed away in my case, as well as regularly messing with the ROOT or the modified apps. It’s not that I have completely forgotten this advanced use of Android, as I have a couple of cell phones that I use to “do evil”, but it did go to a very discreet background. The good performance of current devices, and the stability of Android itself, make the experience with the system decent even on really cheap phones.

I have reviewed my purchase history to locate my Titanium Backup purchase: I bought the Pro key of the app in October 2010. And I think it has been the one I used the most since then, at least until I stopped playing with custom ROMs. What times.

Titanium was a great little wonder with which I could manage all the applications installed on the phone, whether system applications or installed from Android Market and in APK format. You could freeze any portion of softwaredelete it, make a copy of the file along with the user data and what I liked the most: Titanium created complete backups of everything installed in the system so that moving between one ROM and another without losing anything was a matter of a few minutes .

Titanium Backup truly lived up to the name: it created full backups of applications and restored them in minutes

It is true that Titanium did not always work correctly, because sometimes it corrupted one or another application or did not end up working correctly restoring the copies. Minor problems for a key tool for advanced use of Android, it is a shame that it has become obsolete on Google Play: It has not been updated since November 2019.

Android already saves and restores apps with their data, but it is something that is in the hands of the developers

Titanium Buy

Almost fourteen years, almost nothing

Every time I start a new phone, and it restores the backup of the previous one, I remember my beloved Titanium. Because yes, it is true that all the apps end up appearing on the new device, but I always have to redo the sessions in most of the applications. Not in all of them, many already take advantage of the «Automatic Backup” that Google has been including Marshmallow in Android since version 6almost nine years ago.

The system is prepared to offer a complete restoration of applications in a manner quite similar to that offered by Titanium Backup, but this possibility can only be applied if developers adapt their apps to the requirements of Android. While this happens, we will only have to miss Titanium. Or worse: envy the excellent restoration that Apple offers on its iPhone.

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