I made these 6 changes and now the WiFi never drops

i made these 6 changes and now the wifi never
i made these 6 changes and now the wifi never

stable Wi-Fi connection

No one wants their Wi-Fi connection to drop over and over again. Let alone when it catches us working, playing, or basically using the Internet. For this reason, it never hurts to know what can be changed to improve stability of the home wireless network. In this way, we can forget forever about the typical problem of disconnecting and connecting several times a day.

With these six simple changes we will be able to say goodbye forever to an unstable connection. And, of course, we will be able to avoid the problem that the WiFi disconnects itself. What is there to do? That is just what we are going to see next.

How to have a stable WiFi connection

There are many reasons that may have led to the fact that the Internet connection at home is not the best possible and Wi-Fi cut out. For this reason, we are going to see a series of changes that we can quickly make to correct this problem and improve the stability of the home wireless network:

  • Beware of interference

One of the first points to assess is whether or not there is interference that can cause the wireless connection to drop every so often or several times throughout the day or week. For this reason, the best thing in these cases is that you do not have other electronic devices nearby that could influence the router’s WiFi network. And not only this, but depending on the type of wall, it can hinder the connection signal and affect its speed.

Configure update router without problems

  • Use Wi-Fi bands correctly

Another aspect that we cannot forget is that, to avoid saturating the network, we can connect the devices at home to wifi bands different. For example, we find the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band. So, at least in most devices today, we are lucky to be able to choose which network we want to connect to.

Also, an important detail is that the 2.4 GHz band is more stable when we are far away of the router. On the other hand, if we need more speed and we are close to the equipment, we should connect to the 5 GHz band. The latter is even more stable if there is possible interference from other devices. Although, here the distance at which we are from the router plays a key role.

  • Extend network coverage

If in your case you lose the signal of the wireless network when you go to different parts of your house, what we can do is amplify the WiFi coverage with repeaters, PLC devices or Mesh systems. There are several possibilities, so we recommend that you take a look at the options you have to increase the wireless signal at home. In this way, you will have a greater chance of hitting what you were looking for.

  • Security problem

It is more than proven that a failure in the security of a device can cause you to disconnect from WiFi. Therefore, the router does not come into play here, but it will be necessary to check that the equipment we use, such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, does not have any type of malware. There are many free or paid antivirus tools with which we can check if the device is free of threats.

router security failure

  • Update your router and devices

Updating electronic devices is important. More than anything, because the different manufacturers could have added some change in the software of the devices to improve their operation. And we don’t just mean update the router, also mobile phones, computer WiFi controllers, etc. In this way, we are going to achieve greater stability in the home wireless network.

  • Bad router location

This is directly related to the first advice we have given you. And it is that, if we have the router misplaced at home, we will be influencing the stability of the device’s wireless network in a positive or negative way. Therefore, the ideal is place the router in an elevated area so that the signal is not interfered by other devices. In addition, in these cases, it is also time to see where in the house we put it. His thing is to place the equipment in an area where coverage can reach all rooms in the home equally.


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