I live outside Germany: stop selling smartphones while waiting for an agreement with Nokia


I live exits the German market, as announced in April following the lawsuit underway with Nokia on the use of patents relating to network equipment. The Mannheim court ruling resulted in the sales block of products of the brand until an agreement is reached with the Finnish company.

This screen now appears on the official site:


Unfortunately vivo products are not currently available in Germany. As a result, no product information is available on our German website. If you use a live product, you can continue to rely on our customer service. You will also receive future software updates.


vivo is not the only one to have been blocked in Germany: the same fate has in fact befallen Oppo and OnePlus, also accused by Nokia of have not paid for the use of some patents on 4G technology. Until you renew your license the situation will remain so explained Nokia in the past asking 2.50 euros for each Oppo and OnePlus smartphone sold on the German market.

On the Oppo site it is indicated that “currently no product information is available […]. Some of the products are not available in Germany, including the Reno 8 Series and Find N2 Flip“. On oneplus.com/de instead, only audio devices and accessories are shown: in short, there is not even a shadow of smartphones.

The sale of vivo smartphones is therefore stopped in Germany, at least via i official channels: several models are still available for purchase in the country from third-party retailers, but it is not known how long this situation will last as Nokia could request a widespread stop to the sale that affects the entire market – as happened with OnePlus and Oppo.

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vivo declared his willingness to stay in Germany for a long time: an agreement with Nokia will therefore have to be found.