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I haven’t talked to a commercial in months thanks to the Assistant filter taking them all out of the way

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Google does not stop experimenting with what it is, with the permission of Alexa (and they should be thrown into a fight), the best artificial intelligence assistant in the mobile world and the connected home. Assistant continues to evolve as its creators add more and more layers to its operation.

A few Google I/Os ago, Google surprised us by letting Assistant call a restaurant to reserve a table as if it were a full-fledged human. But there are other functions that are much more useful on a day-to-day basis, such as the one is saving me from politely telling telemarketers to leave me alone. I’m talking, of course, about the Assistant call filter.

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I have blocked entire offices from spammers with Assistant

It’s a fact, I no longer remember what it was like to hang up on those who decide that lunchtime (and naptime) is good to call you and offer to change your phone company without you having asked. Or electricity company. Or for you to change banks. I don’t remember why now it is Google who talks to them. It is Google who takes note of what they want and I decide, with the information in hand, if I answer or not.

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Some time ago I decided that it was a good time to stop beating around the bush with brands from the Android ecosystem and I went back to the source. To the Pixels. With a Pixel 5. I returned to them several years after putting my Nexus 5 in a drawer and found a much cleaner layer than I remembered. And find me with features like Assistant call filterwhich hopefully will soon be available to the entire ecosystem.

I hope Google ends up releasing it because thanks to it I have managed to block, number by number, entire offices of spammers. Numbers that called you once, put Google in their ear and hung up. And they called again from the same number, identical but changing only the last digit. A number on the table next to the previous one, or a different output from the same switchboard. Ramón and Paco, Paco and Ramón, they are the same.

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By letting Google answer the calls for me, I have managed to reduce spam calls gradually to the point that now they don’t call me more than once a week. And that I am signed up for the Robinson list. But Google has been the ultimate solution. Because in all the time I’ve been using it I’ve only received one transcript. A. And yes, it was from a commercial that wanted me to contract the light with another company.

My mother no longer attends commercials from her Pixel


Although the saying usually goes that “like wood, like wood”, in my particular case, the technological one, it should be “like wood, like wood” (A good movie with Dudley Moore, I recommend it). Because it is my mother who uses me as a recommender, the one who buys what I tell her and the one who has fallen, of course, in the Pixel ecosystem. With a Pixel 6, why not say so.

Eating at a certain restaurant weeks ago, she saw me divert the call to Google while we were chatting about other things, and when I explained what I was doing, her eyes lit up with happiness. “Can I do that?”, he told me she. I explained how to do it on his Pixel and that’s it, since then he has made carrier salespeople and other businesses talk to an artificial intelligence that transcribes what they tell him. Again, he has not received a single transcript. They all hang up first. And she, like a good mother-apprentice, blocks them automatically after hanging up.

Assistance Calls Filter

So yes, I hope that Google decides to remove its answering machine via Assistant from the Pixel as it did at the time with the spam filter. Hopefully more users can enjoy such a feature that has freed me from a stifling commercial world that doesn’t listen to Robinsons or “please don’t call me anymore” requests. In the end, the commercials are not to blame because they call where they are told. But it has been in my hands, for a long time, not to pick up the phone again. And boy does it work. wonderfully

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