I have tried the smart lock that will retire your keys: this is how I started to open my house with my cell phone

i have tried the smart lock that will retire your keys this is how i started to open my house with my cell phone
i have tried the smart lock that will retire your keys this is how i started to open my house with my cell phone

Nuki has launched one of the most advanced models that seeks to make the home entrance smart thanks to the connection with Matter.


The Mobile phones have become the keys to our digital lives. In addition, they are also beginning to be the real keys to devices such as cars and are also used as identification elements in companies, or when showing one’s driving license.

With the rise of home automation to make our daily lives more comfortable, but also safer Thanks to camera and alarm systems, cell phones have also gained importance in accessing homes. Smart locks are the best example.

Nuki, one of the most prominent companies in this sector, has recently presented the lock Nuki Smart Lock Pro (279 euros), a device that allows you to open and close your home door intelligently, although it is also used for many other things. We have spent a few weeks using it daily and these are our impressions.

Lock Compatibility

The first thing you need to know is that this type of smart locks can be installed on practically any lock. But there is something important to keep in mind. The ideal is install it in a double clutch lock. That is, a lock that allows the door to be opened from the outside when there is a key inside.

This is very important because The lock requires that you always leave a key inside. What the device does is move it based on our orders. If the lock is not double clutch it cannot be opened from the outside with the key. This is only necessary if the lock breaks or runs out of battery.but it’s not worth the risk.


In my case, I had a normal cylinder, so I had to change it to test the lock. This is something I did not because it was mandatory, but because I had been wanting to change the lock for a while, and this was the perfect excuse. In the event that a buyer has a double clutch lock, or does not mind opening from the outside, This will not be a problem, nor necessary. Another aspect to take into account is the size of the key. Most keys fit perfectly inside the Nuki Smart Lock Pro, but there are some very large models that require cutting. The part that is cut is the one used to manipulate the handle when we hold it with our hand, and it is neither complicated nor problematic. Of course, in the vast majority of cases this will not be necessary.

Easy to install

This is the first smart lock I have reviewed and I thought, wrongly, that the installation would be very complex. Nothing is further from reality. In the purchase box itself you can see that there are not many elements, which indicates that it is not something difficult to do. You have the option to use a bracket with 3M adhesive or one with screws. You choose the one you prefer, depending on our lock, the door or our preference. When it is clear which one is used, it is placed in the lock and the key is inserted.

Nuki Smart Lock Pro lock

This is when you have to put the lock on and attach it to the support. The last thing to do is put in the battery, which had to be previously charged using a standard USB-C charger. Once the application is installed on the mobile, which we will talk about below, the lock must be calibratedand choose whether you have a door with an outside handle, a handle, etc., so that the opening is perfect.

More features than expected

The main novelty of this lock is that it is the first compatible with Matter, so it does not need an additional communication Hub. This way, can be used directly in applications such as Alexa or Google Home in an integrated manner.

Nuki Smart Lock Pro lock

Logically, from the application you can open and close the door, including the partial turn necessary to emulate the movement of a handle. The app always asks for double verification to open the door, so that it is not done by mistake when clicking on the mobile screen. Besides, You can also open the lock from the device itself, by having a button with two activators. It can be pressed quickly or long, and what it does is configurable from the application.

From this app you can also check whether the lock is open or not., as well as the battery level, the quality of the Wi-Fi connection (necessary to open it when the mobile phone is not nearby), etc. The entire configuration process is simple, although there are many options available. One of those functions is open the door remotely, for example when someone has to enter the house but we have forgotten to leave them a key to do so. You can also give access to a person with their mobile phone, creating virtual keys that can have a limited duration.

Of course, it is possible to open the lock from your mobile, but also from the clock. Nuki has an app for Wear OS that makes it even more convenient to use this feature. However, the mobile phone connects to the lock via Bluetooth, so through proximity it is able to open and close it automatically if we want.

One of the improvements of this model compared to the previous one is autonomy. Dispose of 30% more, reaching 6 months according to the company. This varies depending on use, WiFi signal quality, and other parameters, but half a year is similar to what other security devices, such as cameras, offer.

Nuki Smart Lock Pro lock

In addition, it has a USB-C port that charges the battery comfortably and not especially slowly, but since it is something that is done every six months, it does not seem that fast charging is key. Yes indeed, For safety, it notifies the user when there is 20% battery left, that is, more than a month before the power runs out.

Should I buy it?

The Nuki Smart Pro is a high-end device. It is a smart lock that is easy to install, has a lot of autonomy and a multitude of functions. Of course, it is not cheap. The 279 euros it costs may put some users off, but these are products that cannot be found for a few dozen euros either. And we wouldn’t trust it if that were the case, right?

Whether it is worth buying it or not depends on the type of user. This system is very convenient for people who are clueless and leave their keys inside the house, for families who want their children to be able to enter or leave the house but do not want to give them their own key, for users who must give access to cleaners, caregivers or other workers punctual, but they prefer not to part with a key, for fear of a copy being made, etc.

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