I have tried the gaming headphones that use the material of the future: this is the Logitech G Pro X 2 Lightspeed


Logitech G Pro X 2 Lightspeed

Logitech boasts that its new gaming headphones are based on graphene, but does it really show when playing?

The Logitech G Pro X 2 Lightspeed, priced at 289 euros, they aim to stand out from the rest of the alternatives in the gaming sector with a secret weapon: graphene headphones. If there is something I hate about my job, writing about technology, it is that every so often a futuristic technology appears with an incredible variety of uses and utilities, and from that moment on, nothing else is talked about. This 2023, that technology has been Artificial Intelligence, but veteran readers of EL ESPAÑOL – El Androide Libre may remember that, in its day, graphene was that ‘miraculous technology’.

As is often the case, graphene has not turned out to be as revolutionary as it was sold when it finally reached the consumer; But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have potential. It is important to avoid both marketing and cynicism, and normally the end result usually falls in the middle.

I confess that I was very skeptical, perhaps too much, when Logitech announced its new G Pro X 2, headphones based on graphene; but during the development of this analysis, they have shown me their potential.

Great manufacturing quality

The Logitech G Pro Unlike other brands, which adopt a histrionic style full of RGB lights, here the only thing we will find are headphones of good manufacturing and good materials. And the truth is that I prefer it that way, although obviously, it is a matter of taste.

I loved the modern, and to some extent austere, design and represents a different path that more brands should follow; instead of creating the new robot of the power Rangers Every time they launch a new gaming product, more manufacturers should realize that there are gamers who don’t want to attract attention wherever they go. The best thing is that that doesn’t mean this is a boring design; They are clearly differentiated from the rest of the Logitech range and do not look like headphones for work, for example. Where Logitech’s DNA is noticeable is in the manufacturing quality, which has no drawbacks; The touch and feel is great, and we won’t hear the creaks we usually hear in plastic headphones from other brands.

The manufacturing quality of the Logitech G Pro X 2 is beyond doubt

They are also lighter and smaller than we usually see in the gaming sector, and I have seen no problems using them throughout the day. Details like a second pair of cloth ear pads that are preferable to synthetic leather on hot days, as well as the stylish carrying bag, are appreciated; However, they cannot be folded to take up less space. Usability is one aspect where Logitech hasn’t literally reinvented the wheel, as a volume wheel is included along with buttons to mute the microphone, start Bluetooth, or turn on the headphones; There may be too many controls and perhaps Logitech could have thought of a way to reduce them, mind you.

Graphene headphones

But let’s get to what’s important, to the real reason for the existence of these Logitech G Pro X 2 Lightspeed: the 50mm graphene diaphragms. First of all, it must be clarified that the sound produced by these headphones is not revolutionary; but I also think they don’t try to be. To use such an exotic material, Logitech has perhaps been too cautious in the treatment of sound, and the result is good, but not impressive.

The part that these headphones best represent is, without a doubt, the lower frequencies. Bass has a big impact, something that has ‘hit’ me on many occasions and that is perhaps preferable for action video games with a lot of shots and explosions; Although if you buy these headphones, I recommend that you try listening to electronic music, because they may surprise you.

The diaphragms of the Logitech G Pro X 2 are made of graphene

Fortunately, this is not one of those situations in which the manufacturer increases the bass and ends up covering the rest of the frequencies; The middle band is also well represented, and I especially liked the clarity of voices and sound effects. The only weak point of these headphones, at least in the sound aspect, is in the treble, which is either lost or can be somewhat annoying in some situations.

The volume is another aspect that should improve; It’s not that it’s too low, and 100% should be more than enough for the vast majority of people, but sometimes I’ve missed something more. On the other hand, I have felt that the sound gives a sensation of decent spaciousness (despite the fact that they are closed headphones), and although they only have two diaphragms, it is possible to activate the surround sound with DTS Headphone to give a greater sensation that the sound surrounds us, although it is not as precise as to help us detect the origin of gunshots, for example.

All in all, the sound of the Logitech G Pro X 2 Lightspeed is very good, superior to that of many gaming headphones that focus solely on spectacularity. Are more faithful to the original sound and they do not introduce foreign elements. For all this, I think they are ideal as ‘do-it-all’ headphones; You can stop playing and listen to the latest album from your favorite artist without having to change headphones.

Logitech G Hub is one of the most complete and easy-to-use apps to manage gaming accessories

Unfortunately, I don’t have as many compliments for the microphone, which captures a sound that is too coarse, as if the bass had been expanded too much. And it’s a shame, because the microphone section of Logitech’s official G Hub app is one of the best that I have seen, with a large number of options to equalize the sound and apply effects using Blue Voice algorithms; but even all of that is not capable of fixing a sound that seems to come from microphones from years ago, which indicates that it is probably a ‘hardware’ limitation. At least, with the effects activated it is easier to understand the words, although this makes the voice not sound like ours.

Huge versatility

The Logitech G Pro We have a great variety of connections to choose fromdepending on whether we are going to use them with a computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

For starters, the “Lightspeed” part of the name refers to Logitech’s wireless connection that other products from the brand also use; stands out for its speed and especially for its low latency, something especially important when playing. In my tests, I have found that the experience is very similar to using cables, without the hassle they entail, of course. In the box we will find a USB adapter, which will work just by connecting it to our computer; The system will recognize it as another sound output and will start using it automatically, with the option of installing Logitech’s G Hub program to update the device’s drivers and improve performance.

Logitech has opted for traditional controls and connections in its G Pro X 2

One detail that I love is that Logitech has not eliminated the classic 3.5 mm ‘jack’ connection of these headphones, so they can be connected by cable to any device with an audio output; In fact, the Lightspeed adapter includes an audio output so as not to lose the effects and changes we have made in G Hub. If we have a dedicated sound card or use a DAC, it may be advisable to use this connection to improve the sound quality even further; In my testing with a DAC, I preferred the sound produced by headphones when connected by cable.

For mobile devices, the Pro include Bluetooth, and in that case they work like any headphones; This connection has a dedicated button that allows us to quickly switch to the mobile or tablet.

Adding to the versatility of this device, the battery of the G Pro X 2 stands out for promising 50 hours of use, and my test results match; Obviously, it largely depends on the preferred volume and the functions we are going to use, but even so, these helmets surpass many alternatives in this aspect.

Should I buy them?

Speaking of alternatives, that is precisely what Logitech does not lack; The gaming market has become very competitive in just a few years, and in the high-end we find very striking devices with many functionalities. The ace in the sleeve of the Pro X 2 is in the sound quality, which is superior to what we are used to in gaming products, and the manufacturing quality to which Logitech has accustomed us. However, it must be remembered that these headphones cost 289 euros, a figure out of reach of many potential buyers, who could be tempted by cheaper options.

Among the accessories included with the Logitech G Pro X 2 is a carrying bag

For example, the Corsair HS80 Max that we were able to test recently are one of the best gaming headsets that today’s gamer can buy, and they are 100 euros cheaper; They have a more ‘gaming’ aesthetic, with integrated RGB lighting and their microphone is better, but I would not recommend them for mixed use of games and music. Another option comes from Razer, with its BlackShark V2 Pro that also opts for an elegant design and boasts THX spatial sound, with a price of 229.99 euros.

Despite this competition, there are good reasons to buy the Logitech G Pro X 2 Lightspeed, and I highly doubt they are going to disappoint anyone. Opt for these headphones if you are looking for a stylish and good-sounding solution for your gaming and music sessions.

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