I have tested WhatsApp calls on Android Auto and although they are fine, there is a big problem pending

i have tested whatsapp calls on android auto and although.webp.webp.webp
i have tested whatsapp calls on android auto and although.webp.webp.webp

It was not a novelty that it made a lot of noise when it was announced at CES 2023but I’ll tell you something: if you are a very active person on WhatsApp and you usually receive calls and video calls through the popular messaging application, this is a function that can make a difference when you are behind the wheel. I have left

Making and receiving a WhatsApp call on Android Auto is wonderful… if you can

Making a WhatsApp call with Android Auto is quite easy, but there is a trick: They are not done from the messaging app itself, but from the phone. When you tap on a contact, the option to call either the old-fashioned way or through WhatsApp will appear. From here on, the call is identical to the standard ones, even in the interface. As you see below these lines, the call occupies the entire screen, and you can silence it, choose the audio output or hang up.

Img 5449

For this operation, it is best to do it with the car stopped to maximize safety and avoid fines, since it involves touching the screen. And can’t they be done with the voice assistant? In theory yes, in practice Google Assistant has a hard time understanding the order.

If you receive a WhatsApp call, what you see when you are using Android Auto is what is shown in the main image that illustrates this article. The only difference between a normal voice call is the ‘WhatsApp incoming call’ line. From here and with good 5G coverage, we have not seen any delays or outages.

The great handicap of WhatsApp calls on Android Auto is its compatibility. The overall experience is good in interface and use, but there is room for improvement: for this test I used a Google Pixel 6 Pro and not my OnePlus 11 simply because the latter is not compatible.

Google’s infotainment system is very widespread as there is a large park of compatible cars. And if there are many cars compatible with Android Auto, there are even more phones with WhatsApp and people who use the application daily. Despite this, WhatsApp calls on Android Auto are only for a few phone models, in summary, the Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy launched from 2021. When this functionality was deployed I understood the limitation, but more than a year Afterwards, it is still limited.

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