I have tested the Xiaomi mobile that will be a best seller: design, power and camera for less than 200 euros

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your xiaomi mobile is capable of replicating the action button.webp.webp.webp


We analyze the Redmi Note 13, one of the new models of Xiaomi’s legendary mid-range family and which is more competent than ever.


Xiaomi has started the year 2024 by presenting a new generation of its most legendary family in the Redmi series: the Redmi Note 13. These are devices that have always earned a good position in the mid-range, and for some generations, the company has expanded the space they cover in the market.

This year, there are five different mobile phones. The Redmi Note 13 Pro+ is the most expensive model of all of them, and it can compete with more expensive phones thanks to features such as its 200 Mpx camera, its curved screen or its 120 W fast charging. extreme, The Redmi Note 13 is the base mobile of this familyand the company has launched it being more competent than ever.

It is a 199 euro mobile that stands out for having a good quality AMOLED screen, a large 5,000 mAh battery and a high resolution camera, with a 108 Mpx main sensor. This, without a doubt, considerably raises the level of the segment, and will surely make other brands follow in its footsteps. At EL ESPAƑOL – El Androide Libre we have tested this mobile, and the truth is that, for its price, it is an impeccable option.

A great design

Xiaomi wanted to make this range of devices, one of the best known within the mid-range, stand out from its most direct competition. For it has enhanced several aspects of this family, and one of them is the aesthetic section. To begin with, this Redmi Note 13 has a completely flat back and in which we do not find a camera module as such, but rather each sensor sitting directly on the surface.


This same color is also reflected in the edges. Likewise, these are flat, but have a softer feel. On the right side is the button panel, while on the bottom is the USB and Type C port and one of the device’s speakers, the other is on the top, with the 3.5 mm Jack and the infrared sensor.

When you look at it and hold it in your hand, it gives the impression that it is a more expensive phone than it really is, and the fact that it has a flat back helps a lot to stylize its shape. In addition, it comes with a case included in the box that fits like a glove, has a good touch, and also has a design that goes beyond typical transparent cases.

120Hz AMOLED display

Xiaomi’s decision that all the screens in this range be AMOLED technology and have a refresh rate of 120 Hz has undoubtedly been the right one. In this case, its size is 6.67 inches, so it is not a particularly small mobile phone, but this is ideal for those people looking for a device to use for a long time each day.

In terms of resolution, it is Full HD+, which is the most appropriate for this type of device, and which is more than enough to watch content such as movies and series in a comfortable way. Its maximum brightness is 1,800 nitsand when we went out and the sun was shining, there was no problem differentiating the content on its screen, which is a very positive point.


Its 120 Hz refresh rate makes it move around the interface considerably well, and it also comes to light in compatible games, where the experience feels fluid. As usual, Xiaomi allows you to change the color scheme from the settings, so each person can choose a more saturated or more natural configuration depending on their preferences.

This panel is one of its great strengths, and we would dare to say that it offers an experience that is ahead of some other competing mobile phones in this sense, since, although there are many screens of the same resolution and technology, not all They look the same. In this case, it is a plus point.

Good power

This Xiaomi mobile has a processor manufactured by Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 685. Despite not having 5G connectivity, it performs well in terms of power. In addition, it is very well accompanied by 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage, figures that attract attention in a device of its price, and even more so if we take into account that it is the base model.

In day-to-day use, to browse the internet, check social networks and do other daily tasks with the device, it handles quite well. It has no problem when it comes to doing several tasks simultaneously, although it must be taken into account that its performance is far from that of high-end mobile phones that cost ten times more, of course. Even so, it is also capable of moving well in games, even in some more demanding titles, although in these it is necessary to set the graphics to low so that a certain drop in frames is not noticeable.

Gaming on the Redmi Note 13

It is not a mobile phone in which, a priori, more power is going to be missed in the case of users who give it a more basic use. If a very powerful device is required, certain shortcomings may be noticed, but it is by no means something worrying. Regarding software, it must be said that in these Redmi Note 13 the company has not yet made the leap to HyperOS, as is the case with the new POCO X6 Pro, but rather it has MIUI 14. Being a new device and one of the best known in the Xiaomi catalog, there is no doubt that it will not take too long to be updated. Its Android version is number 13.

Apart from the fact that it has too many pre-installed applications, it is a good layer of customization, which is sometimes too overloaded, but which offers a huge number of customization options that can be used to leave the mobile completely to the user’s taste. .

A correct camera

Xiaomi has sought to differentiate the Redmi Note 13 from the competition, among other things, through the camera. A movement that is not usually common in this price range, but that shows the presence of its 108 Mpx main camerawhich is accompanied by a 2 Mpx portrait depth sensor and an 8 Mpx wide angle.

It must be taken into account that the fact that it has this resolution does not ensure performance equivalent to that of other 108 Mpx cameras on more expensive phones. In practice, it is an acceptable sensor, which is capable of taking good images when there is light and the conditions are right. On the camera you can find a x2 and x3 mode that consists of a digital crop of the image, it is not an optical zoom, so the quality is not that good. In fact, when using them you can notice the presence of some grain, although in this sense, it is very good that its main sensor has so much resolution.

The loss of quality when there is slightly less light is quite evident, and it is noticeable that some excess grain appears when shooting in automatic mode. It also happens at times when conditions are not very favorable, such as with backlighting or overly lit situations. It is not one of the best points of the device, but thanks to having a main sensor with these characteristics, it is much more versatile.

I buy it?

Redmi has paid special attention to this Redmi Note 13, which is the cheapest mobile within the family that has just been launched, but not in its catalog. Despite this, it is among the most economical optionsand you can notice quite a few improvements compared to last year’s model that increase the value of the device.

The capacity of the internal memory and RAM or the quality of the camera are some of these sections in which it has been improved. In the case of memory combining, it is something that will directly impact the number of years that this mobile can lastsince they are quite generous amounts.


The Redmi Note 13 has an official sales price of 199 euros, and is one of the best phones in this segment. It can be perfectly compared with devices that cost between 50 and 100 euros more. It is not a mobile for everyone, Since those people looking for very good camera performance or the highest power on the market to be able to play for years at maximum performance, should opt for higher priced options. However, if you have a budget limited to 200 euros, it is an option that offers much more than what it asks for, and is highly recommended.

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