I have tested the mobile phone that is going to turn the mid-range in Spain upside down: a groundbreaking bet for 160 euros

realme c67 opiniones 9237823.jpg
realme c67 opiniones 9237823.jpg

The new Realme C67 is a real beast, and it can be one of the highly recommended ones this 2024 if you are looking for a great quality-price ratio.


The mid-range has been a segment in which competition is fierce, with strong commitments by brands to maximize the quality-price ratio of their devices. Realme is a brand that, since its arrival in Spain, has been brilliant in this regard.

The company has now launched the realme C67, a new mobile phone that hits the market for 159 euros on a promotional basis, although it later stays in the 200 euro range. It is also presented with such important arguments as a camera of more than 100 Mpx and a fairly large battery. With this, it seeks to compete with the Redmi Note 13, one of the first launches of the year in this range.

Last 2023, the realme C65 was the company’s best-selling smartphone, and with this new model, the Chinese company intends to repeat the good results. Its arguments for doing so are a good battery that is capable of lasting all day, a 108 Mpx camera and a large screen.

A careful design

Mobile phones, like any other technological device, usually enter through the eye. A device that has an aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye usually generates better impressions than one in which the opposite is true, and Realme has not neglected this section because it is a mobile phone with a contained price. Looking at its rear, you can see that it has opted for an aesthetic that is well known to be successful in the market, with a vertical camera module located in the upper left part, composed of two sensors that are above the rest. of the surface of the phone.

One detail that can be seen is that This module is framed in a space with a brighter feel and appearance than the rest of the back of the mobile, which has matte finishes. It has a thickness of 7.59 mm which, according to the brand itself, makes it the thinnest in the segment.

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We have analyzed the color model Sunny Oasis, which can show a different range depending on the way the light hits it. Can appreciate a kind of brushing on the back that runs diagonally across the device and slightly improves its appearance.

At the bottom of the phone there is both the speaker and the 3.5 mm jack for headphones and USB Type C. The volume buttons are located on the right side, next to the power button, which also serves as a fingerprint reader to perform a biometric unlock. The front camera is located in a hole in the screen that is in the center and does not interfere when using it.

Big screen

It is increasingly rare to see compact sized devices. This realme C67 continues the trend that we have been seeing in recent years in the market of using large panels, and mounts a 6.72 inch screena size that may be liked by those people who are going to focus on watching movies and series or playing games.

The panel technology is IPS LCD, so You will not be able to benefit from some exclusive features of AMOLED screens, such as the possibility of always being able to show the time with the screen off. Its refresh rate of 90 Hz gives it greater fluidity, although it can only be had in automatic mode or in 60 Hz, a measure that the company has taken so that it does not remain fixed at its maximum value and thus be able to change between one and another intelligently to save battery.


Regarding its maximum brightness, which is 700 nits, it is more than enough to use the phone indoors and on slightly sunny days, but if there is a lot of ambient light it will be more difficult to see its content. Although this is normal for devices in this price range. In general, the use of AMOLED or OLED screens results in a more attractive result and greater energy efficiency, and that is the only “but” that can be said about this section of the phone. For the rest, it is a good alternative.

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Power and software

One of the big changes that this device has compared to previous generations of this family is that, for the first time, it uses a Qualcomm brand processor, specifically the Snapdragon 685 which in this case also comes with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage, although there is a model that combines 6 GB and 128 GB.


When it comes to performance You can’t put too many “buts” since it performs adequately for a device of its characteristics and price. When it comes to browsing the internet and social networks, it does its job perfectly, although when it comes to playing it is true that in demanding titles the device may work a little slower.

In fact, the software even helps enhance the experience through its different functions and features exclusive to the brand. Some of these features are the possibility of using a pill in the purest style of the iPhone that is located next to the front camera and in which relevant data about notifications or multimedia controls will appear. It is an option that must be activated before using and that can be very useful for those people who want to receive as much information as possible while using their mobile phone.

RealmeUI runs on top of Android 14, the latest version of the operating system, which does a great job in terms of fluidity. It also has interesting options such as the possibility of expand RAM memory up to 8 GB or view the device’s notification history, which can be used to see what was said in a WhatsApp message that the sender has deleted. There are only good words for the battery of this mobile, since its capacity of 5,000 mAh means that it does not have any problem when it comes to prolonging autonomy throughout the day, although it can reach more if used moderately.

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Camera, key

The photographic section of this device consists of only two sensors. It is a 108 Mpx main camera accompanied by a 2 Mpx monochrome sensor. Logically, the focus falls on the main sensor, which manages to do a great job thanks to this great resolution, which allows for 3x and 5x digital imaging. This does not look as good as if it were a telephoto sensor, for digital cropping it retains a good level of detail.

In the photographs it opens up daylight, it is capable of capturing a lot of detail and representing all types of colors well, although there are times when a little saturation is needed. Another of the peculiarities of this sensor is that it achieves a natural blur effect that looks quite good when taking portraits. It must also be said that it sometimes abuses artificial sharpness, especially in images with many elements. Despite that, it is a good alternative for its price, and, without a doubt, it is better to have a good camera than four sensors that fail to offer good results.

I buy it?

The price of the realme C67 is one of the biggest attractions you have to buy it. It is 219 euros for its version with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, while the top 8 GB + 256 GB model will be sold for 239 euros. As an introductory offer, they will cost 159 and 199 euros, respectively, until next February 12.

It is a smartphone with a considerable size thanks to its 6.7-inch screen, and the Full HD resolution of its screen makes it a great alternative to watch content on it such as movies or seriesalthough its refresh rate remains at 90 Hz, so it will not be possible to get the most out of it while playing.


Its performance is everything that can be expected from a device that barely exceeds 200 euros, being ideal for day-to-day tasks, but making the difference noticeable compared to more expensive mobile phones in heavy tasks or games. With all that, it boasts a 108 Mpx main camera, which gives life to its photographic section, and the secondary one is a 2 Mpx monochrome sensor.