I have tested the Galaxy S23 FE: the Samsung mobile that shows that high-end can also be affordable


Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

We analyze the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, a great mobile that boasts a screen and other sections with which it looks face to face with more expensive mobiles.

Samsung, like every year, has not waited long to present the new Samsung Galaxy S24, which come with a significant dose of artificial intelligence to win over users based on functions that can be very useful. However, not all users are looking for a mobile phone that comes close to and even exceeds the thousand euro barrier.

Many people are just looking for a device that works fast, has a good camera, a quality screen and, above all, that it has a better quality-price ratio than a traditional high-end mobile phone. And this is where the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE comes into play, a version of its mobile phone from last year that the company has just launched.

At EL ESPAÑOL – El Androide Libre we have tested this device for a few weeks, and the truth is that it offers a lot for a price that it does not reach 700 euros. It may become one of the most interesting devices in the company’s catalog, also due to its size, located between the base model of the Galaxy S and the Plus model.

A recognizable design

The Korean company has been doing a good job for years when it comes to designing its mobile phones and tablets. One of the things that stands out the most about the device is the fact that its edges are slightly curved, while its back is completely flat. This makes it have a fairly recognizable and simple appearance, while offering good grip with this curvature.

It does not have a camera module as such, but the company is committed to introducing each sensor directly on the back. With this vertical placement, it gives it an aesthetic that we really liked. Its front camera is in a hole in the central part of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE from behind

On its right side we can find the volume and power button, while at the bottom there is one of its speakers and the USB Type C port. Above there is only an opening to extract the SIM tray and a second microphone that helps eliminate ambient noise on calls.

The only “but” we can say about this design is that the frame that borders the front of the device is somewhat larger than in other high-end models, and it is especially noticeable when the screen background is a light color. Beyond this, it is a device that feels very good in the hand, and offers great sensations when used without a case.

Its screen is quality

The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE is not excessively large, in fact, it only takes up a little more than other compact devices on the market such as the Google Pixel 7a. Your panel has a 6.4-inch diagonal, it is a Dynamic AMOLED and it has Full HD+ resolution, a standard except when we talk about the top high-end mobile phones. If there is something that characterizes Samsung, it is the use of its own panels, which always tend to stand out.

It is capable of displaying vivid colors that make the experience of using the mobile phone very pleasant and attractive. It is also possible to choose in the settings for a less intense and less tiring color settings on the eyes for extended use. Likewise, when night comes you can activate a reading mode that allows you not to tire your eyes so much.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE reading The Free Android

When it comes to watching movies and series on Netflix, HBO Max or any other streaming service, the performance is very good, and although the panel is not excessively large, it can be a great alternative to download content and watch it while traveling or on public transport routes.

Thanks to its brightness of 1,450 nits, Using your cell phone on the street on a sunny day is not going to be complicated at all.. Its brightness is not excessively high either, but it is more than enough so that its content can be seen without problem. Without a doubt, this panel is one of the strong points of the mobile.

Good in power and software

Samsung usually uses its own processors for some devices, including the Galaxy S family, as is the case. On this occasion, the company has decided to use an Exynos 2200, the same one used in the Galaxy S22 and that today it is capable of offering very good performance, while leaving a certain distance in this sense with the Galaxy S24 that are to come.

Samsung’s strategy with its FE range is to make them trimmed high-end devices, but that offer an experience similar to that offered by their flagship models. The processor is the small sacrifices that the company makes in order to lower the final price for the user, but it is still a good choice, even for intensive use.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE notifications

Even so, it is a model capable of running any game, and it also has no problem when carrying out heavy tasks. In this case, the brand It has been accompanied by 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB internal storage. There is also a model with 128 GB of internal storage. Although, taking into account the photographic capabilities of the device (with the corresponding increase in the weight of photographs and videos) and that it does not have the capacity to use a micro SD card, it makes less and less sense to go for the base model.

In daily use we have not encountered any problems in terms of performance. One UI is a customization layer that is not exactly light, but it makes up for it with the large number of native functions and services it offers. Samsung has its own gallery, calculator, calendar, notes and multimedia playback application, as well as other interesting apps such as Smart Things or Samsung Wallet, although there are no restrictions if you want to use the Google ones and uninstall the Samsung ones.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

It is not the first time that we mention the virtues of this layer, which has exclusive features such as Edge Contents, a drop-down bar that can include quick access to applications and other functions; Galaxy Themes, an interface management system that allows you to switch between different styles and even download custom themes from other users.

It also has a device maintenance section within the settings thanks to which you can know the status of the battery, memory, storage, performance and optimization of the apps, there is even a special mode to protect the user’s privacy if the mobile phone has to be sent to technical service, to name a few of its many options.

Approved in cameras

Logically, the photographic section is another of the victims compared to the Galaxy S family from the beginning of the year. But that doesn’t make it bad, it maintains a high level. Simply, It falls behind in functions and details compared to models like the Galaxy S24 Ultra, whose camera is a real Swiss army knife. Its resolution also decreases, since this Galaxy S23 Fe has 50, 13 and 8 Mpx cameras, amounts that are not so bulky, but that perform quite well.

The images it takes are very good, both with its main camera and with the telephoto lens and the wide angle lens. They have good quality during the day, where they are able to obtain a great level of detail and adequately represent any landscape that you want to capture. There are some occasions when processing saturates some colors a little more, making the result more attractive but also less natural. In any case, it’s something that can be fixed with a little image editing.

At night, the main camera remains at a good level, but without reaching the standards of the most current high-end. Even so, it is noticeable that it is several steps above some cheaper devices. It has an optical image stabilizer, which will make involuntary hand movements less noticeable when taking photos and videos.

One of the great positive points of this camera is its three-times telephoto sensor, thanks to which it is possible to get quite close to objects that are located relatively far away without losing the level of detail in the photograph. These are ideal sensors for all those people who are fond of photography, but who do not want to take on the burden of a top-of-the-range device.

I buy it?

Samsung’s strategy in the market also involves making each type of user have a company mobile phone at their disposal in various price ranges, and this also includes the high-end. You can get this device as the first step in this segment in the brand’s catalogue, and it is a mobile phone that can have few ifs and buts. Its screen is one of its best sections, which allows you to enjoy a great experience at any time and activity.

In terms of power, it uses its own high-end processor, but from previous generations. This performs quite well, and does not present any inconvenience if we take into account that it is one of the factors that has allowed the price to be lowered Of the device. It is possible to play any game and move between applications quickly, so we don’t put any buts on it.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE design

It is a very competent mobile phone that can be a great option for all those people who want a fast, well-designed device that works quickly. The battery life is one of the few points to improve, but even so, it lasts a full day without problem. It has a price that starts at 709 euros, although it can be found for considerably less.

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