I have installed these customization layers on my smartphone: having Android Auto has never been so simple

i have installed these customization layers on my smartphone having android auto has never been so simple
i have installed these customization layers on my smartphone having android auto has never been so simple

Android Auto has become an essential tool for many users. However, not all cars are compatible. What can we do in these cases? We only need a smartphone and one of the launchers that we are going to propose to you to have this system in your vehicle, and without spending a euro!

Since the arrival of Android Auto, many drivers have become accustomed to the simplicity that comes with its use. With this integrated system, we can answer calls, consult map directions or receive summaries of messages from our Android without ever losing sight of the road we are traveling on.

But what happens if our car is not compatible? In this case, we can use some of the launchers that we are going to present to you below. All of them have free versions although, in some cases, to unlock all their functions we will have to go to the paid options. To start using them, we only need a compatible Android phone and a mount in our vehicle.

Car Home Ultra

With more than a million downloads, Car Home Ultra is all we need to have Android Auto in our vehicle. One of the aspects that stands out is that it is completely configurable, so we can place on the right side of the interface all the shortcuts of those apps that we can use while we are on the road. Although, yes, taking into account that in all cases we must place our safety behind the wheel above any other aspect, so we have to interact as little as possible with our smartphone.

The design is not as clean as other launchers that we are going to mention in this article, but the reality is that its operation and stability surprise from the moment we install it.


Car Launcher

The second of the launchers is Car Launcher. It is one of the best customization layers that we can find in the Play Store, as demonstrated by the 4.2 rating it has out of more than 67,000 reviews . Unlike other similar applications that we find on Android, in this case the aesthetics it proposes do not seek to resemble the appearance of Android Auto, but rather it offers us a much more enriched vision of the system through a unique proposal.

The interface probably reminds you of the classic control panel of any vehicle: with the speedometer and music. As well as a series of added applications, such as weather applications, which allow us to check the weather on our route, or any other that may be interesting depending on our needs. In addition, it can be used both vertically and horizontally , so we can adapt it to any smartphone holder that we have in our car.

We can download the free version on Android although, depending on our profile, it may be somewhat limited. The Pro version has a one-time cost of 6.99 euros, without subscriptions.


Are you looking for a launcher that completely replicates the appearance of the most classic version of Android Auto? Then AutoZen is all you need. With a rating of 4.5, it is another of the most downloaded apps for all those who want to use their smartphone as if it were Android Auto. We can configure it in different ways to be able to have at our disposal all those applications that may be interesting while driving.

As in the previous case, we have the possibility of downloading the free version. Or, if you need more functions, pay the annual subscription of 5.99 euros. An investment to consider if we regularly use the car and want to have our smartphone to show us all the available information.

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