I have changed this WhatsApp setting and now I can read messages without my contacts knowing

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WhatsApp deactivate blue check

WhatsApp is the most used messaging tool worldwide, with more than 2,000 million users, which takes into account guaranteeing our privacy with the inclusion of new updates. In this case, although it is a function that was already incorporated some time ago, you may not be aware of the possibility of hide your presence in chats without it being known that you have entered to read the latest messages. This way you can activate it.

You are probably familiar by now with the blue check, which verifies the reading of the last message sent through WhatsApp at the moment you enter the chat. We can deactivate this in the blink of an eye, but you must keep in mind that once we have removed this possibility, We will not be able to see if other contacts have read our messages in order to be on the same level of equality, as is the case with the “last connection time” function.

Disable double check

As we have mentioned before, WhatsApp’s double blue check is a reading confirmation system. If one of your concerns is to preserve your privacy and respond when it suits you, without having to be pressured because the other person knows that you have read their message and do not respond immediately, it is best that deactivate the so-called receipts or read receipts.

First of all, you should know that the process is the same for both Android and iOS phones. To do this, press the three dots located at the top left of the screen within the application and then select Settings. Next, go to Privacy and scroll to where it says Read receipts.

As you can read in the detailed information, if you deactivate this option, you will not be able to send or receive confirmations. However, this will be present in group chats.

WhatsApp deactivate blue check

Are there ways to read messages without turning this option off?

The truth is that you can be insightful to a certain extent, because WhatsApp sends notifications to your mobile that you can see via notification bar on your smartphone, but you will only be able to view a small part. Therefore, if the message is very long, we will have no choice but to enter the application to see the entire content of the message and be exposed to being detected as having read it.

Another trick so that they do not know if we have read the message at that moment because you want to maintain your privacy and not reply, is by using the airplane mode, but you have to be careful. In this sense, what we do is activate airplane mode when we receive a notification, so that we can enter the chat without any worry. However, the problem comes when we disconnect airplane mode. In that case, what we must do is close the WhatsApp application completely without leaving it in the background so as not to leave a record that we have entered the conversation.

Be that as it may, this type of situation has brought about major personal problems between couples, friends or family, who are constantly on the phone waiting for an early response from the recipient, and this can lead to real headaches.