I have been subscribed to HBO Max since the initial offer, it has become my favorite and the arrival of Max worries me

i have been subscribed to hbo max since the initial.webp.webp.webp
i have been subscribed to hbo max since the initial.webp.webp.webp
When streaming came into my life it was a caramelito: have hours and hours of entertainment and the best productions at a reasonable price… both for the price itself, and for the possibility of sharing it with other people. I first started with Netflix and when HBO arrived in Spain in autumn 2021we didn’t think about it much: a 50% discount forever was a bargain.

I have to say that the HBO application had room for improvement in terms of operation, but Their catalog has always been and is the best, especially if you like series. (without detracting from films like ‘Mistic River’, ‘Seven’ or ‘Zodiac’): ‘Game of Thrones’ and its prequel ‘House of the Dragon’, ‘True Detective’, ‘The Last of Us’, ‘Succession’ , ‘The leftovers’, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, ‘Euphoria’, ‘Lost Faggot’, ’30 Coins’, ‘Big Bang Theory, ‘Parks & Recreation’, ‘Curv your enthusiasm’… the list is long but it could be much more.

Yes, Prime Video, Netflix or Apple TV have hits, but HBO takes the average for quantity and quality. No wonder: behind it is the work of HBO, HBO Max Originals, DC, Warner and Cartoon Network. Having clarified the point that for me HBO Max has the best global catalog, I have to say that this premise is not at any price: The platform increased in price in the summer of 2023, going from 4.49 euros per month to 4.99 euros/month. Taking into account that we share an account with a friend, at less than three euros a month, HBO Max continues to be the candy of the best times of streaming.

Too good to be true: the cloud on the horizon is called Max

Everything goes up, more and more prohibitions on sharing accounts (note: in the HBO terms and conditions it already appears that ‘Only people you live with may be Authorized Users.although in practice it does not pursue it), announcements, cancellations, atomization of the best of the best… streaming is no longer what it was and I feel that My golden era with HBO Max has its hours numbered.

It’s Max’s fault: a new application for a different experience, more content (it’s the merger of Warner Bros and Discovery) and an expected arrival date for spring of this year. It sounds like good news, but no..

Although there is nothing official in Spain, the United States is the vanguard and constitutes a good mirror in which to look at oneself, making the saying ‘When you see your neighbor’s beards cut, put yours to soak‘: there they have returned to price increase and a plan with ads has arrived (which in essence is offering something worse in exchange for cushioning increases).

HBO Max PromoPromotional poster for HBO Max upon its arrival in Spain in 2021

We have informally talked about it with our friend and we are clear that if HBO Max increases a few cents or even a euro and everything continues as before, there is no problem. But there is a dark cloud on the horizon in the form of a technicality: HBO Max has a 50% discount forever, but if the platform ceases to exist in favor of something new since it is for legal purposes a new platform with a new contract to which to subscribe, That discount may disappear..

After all, HBO has the power to terminate the contract according to its conditions. There are two reasons to remain optimistic: that in Latin America it has maintained conditions and if not, it may replicate a similar introductory offer. While I wait to clear up my doubts, I will continue enjoying HBO Max.

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