I got into Microsoft Edge for the awards and stayed for its performance: I’m not going back to Google Chrome

i got into microsoft edge for the awards and stayed.webp.webp.webp
i got into microsoft edge for the awards and stayed.webp.webp.webp

There is no web browser with a greater global presence than Google Chrome, He alone managed to defeat titans like Netscape and even Internet Explorer; With an heir who ended up using Chrome’s own engine, Microsoft Edge is a kind of cross between both companies. And it works really well, it has become my default browser. Also on mobile.

I like many things about Edge, both in terms of design and operation. That it comes integrated cookie and ad blocking tools It is also an advantage to have ChatGPT Copilot among the navigation buttons. But there is one detail that made me finally opt for Edge: the Microsoft Rewards rewards. Having the option to earn more daily points for using the browser daily is an advantage for me.

An extra daily points that never hurts

Microsoft Edge Android

I usually remember to get all the Microsoft points every day, both in the computer and mobile browser. It is not something that takes up much of my time, no more than ten or fifteen minutes a day: I changed Google search to Bing so that it costs me even less. It’s not that I’m obsessed, since more than once I’ve forgotten and ended up losing my streak, but I usually have the Rewards page always open so that it loads as soon as I open Edge.

Depending on the level (one or two) Microsoft awards more or less daily points. Additionally, both the mobile and desktop browsers They offer a streak of extra points that are added day by day to the total. And there are also special campaigns with which to expand the range of points: it is worth keeping an eye on the account.

And what is it for? The truth is that no one is going to get rich with Microsoft Edge points, but it does help to obtain services for free. In my case, I use it to get the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: With all the daily Rewards, the subscription is usually free every month (or quarterly). In addition, there is another trick to extend the rewards in the subscription: Xbox Ambassador challenges. It is a parallel points program with which you can also get Game Pass Ultimate.

Ok, Rewards were the hook to get me into Microsoft Edge, then I ended up staying because of how well the browser works on my Androids (and on my computer, it has replaced both Google Chrome and Brave). Consumption is lower, I usually notice Edge is more agile, the exchange of files between mobile and PC using Drop seems excellent to me, I usually activate strict tracking prevention to avoid cookies as much as possible and I have Copilot at my fingertips if I need to chat with ChatGPT. With the button I have my pluses and minuses, because the truth is that it has too much presence, but I have gotten used to it. What a remedy.

Exiting Google Chrome is easier than it seems

Microsoft Edge Android

The fact that it comes by default on Android means that it remains the first option, even though the system offers different alternatives. And it’s worth trying them, there is life far beyond Chrome. And Microsoft Edge is a good starting point, whether you use rewards or not.

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