I discovered this AI and I have never taken notes again at university

i discovered this ai and i have never taken notes.png
i discovered this ai and i have never taken notes.png

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Forget about taking notes at university forever: This Artificial Intelligence tool is all you need to transcribe your teachers’ lessons.

Although we currently have a greater number of tools that have considerably simplified the task of taking notes at university, the reality is that even today it can be complex to do the same while, at the same time, We listen to our teacher. Luckily, since I discovered this Artificial Intelligence, taking notes is a thing of the past. Is about StudyFetch, You can access its website from here, and it relies on Artificial Intelligence to transcribe everything our teacher says and then create a lot of materials around the lesson.

Transcribe any lesson

A few years ago, many students used recorders from their mobile phones to be able to listen to the lesson in question afterwards and work on the notes with it. StudyFetch works in this same direction, but saving us a large number of hours. From now on, we will be able to upload a PowerPoint, an MP3 file, a text document, or even a YouTube video and the tool itself will be in charge of performing the transcription. This way, we won’t have to be in class worrying about taking notes while trying to understand the lesson in question.

But, What if what we want is to carry out the transcription of the class live? In this case, we can also do it. The only thing we have to do is create a user account with our profile, click on the option Create a live class and, automatically, everything the teacher says will be transcribed into the text document itself that is integrated into the application. All of this in a very simple way, without the need for us to interact with our computer at any time.

In addition, it also has a large number of added functions. Like, for example, the possibility of extracting text from notes that we have taken by hand. A very useful option when we don’t have a battery on our computer or mobile device.

Prepare for your next exam

But what happens once we have taken our notes and it is time to study? StudyFetch He has also thought about that. We can work on any content that we have uploaded to the platform that can be worked on, subsequently, to create flashcards that are generated directly by the AI. In this way, as we can see their website, we can save up to 90% of time, by not having to select in our notes what is really important in each lesson.

Furthermore, we will also be able to test our learning. Once we have created the flashcards, we can interact with them by asking questions about the content in question or requesting that they give us an exam that allows us to know if we are really internalizing the content as we should and we are prepared to take the next test. qualification.

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As we can see in the screenshot above, StudyFetch It has both paid and free plans. While it is true that the free membership may be somewhat limited, it may be more than enough to see for ourselves if we are interested. With it, stopping taking notes is now easier than ever.

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